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Let's Make a Blythe Corset! (Part 1) | by Trio Blythe
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Let's Make a Blythe Corset! (Part 1)

I've put together a little tutorial on creating your very own Blythe corset pattern.

I'm not an expert, but I remember some stuff from when I studied fashion and textiles!!!


First you need to do a basic sketch or at least have an idea in your head, of what you want your corset to look like.

Then preferably using a headless bod, first cover the torso in gladwrap (i prefer not to as it is easier to flatten the pattern pieces out after, because they will stick to paper, but you can try both ways and find out what works best for you) and then cover it well with masking tape.

Draw onto the masking tape the shape of your corset. I have done a fairly simple shape here, but you can do whatever you like, depending on your sewing abilities.

Then you will need to divide the corset up into pattern pieces within the overall corset shape. Make sure lines go through the bust point and you will need a couple over the hips too, to make sure your pattern pieces come out as flat as possible, when you cut them out.

You will only need half the corset, so you will need to work out the centre back and centre front on the toille and clearly mark them.

Be very sure to clearly mark your pattern pieces. For example, number them, centre back, centre front, top, matching marks between each piece, direction of fabric or anything else you think you might need.

Then very carefully cut the masking tape toille off the bod.

Cut out each pattern piece and lay them out as flat as possible and, using tracing paper, trace around each pattern piece and then add your seam allowance.

For the centre back, where the corset will be laced up, work out how much of a gap you want to leave. I wanted a small gap, 1/8", so I took off 1/16" off the centre back piece.

Fold the front centre piece in half down the exact centre line and trace off the other side so you have a full front panel. (i use a very small 1/8" seam allowance)

This is your blythe corset pattern!!! Clever you!!!


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Taken on January 7, 2012