The Subway Series Sketches from July 2, 2011
I started sketching people on the subway trains when I used to ride the Path to work in Union City back in 2001. The NYC subway has a great sampling of so many different kinds of people and it's so easy to observe people without being noticed. I found this is also to be the case in most forms of travel, like buses and airports. When traveling from point A to B (with the exception of driving) people are often distracted by something and a little oblivious or indifferent to whomever may be watching them.

I've always wanted to spend an entire day doing nothing but sketching on the Subway system which is exactly what I did on Saturday, July 2, 2011. I traveled 5 lines for 9 hours: the G, F, R, J/Z, and the 4 train. My goal was to ride each line to it's conclusion which is usually located on the outskirts of the city. I plan on continuing this project with the hopes of exploring the remainder of the trains I didn't get to that day.
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