Coffin of a woman

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    Coffin of a woman from Gamhud
    The Gamhud coffins were decorated by artisans with varying skills and experiences.
    While some of them are of fairly good workmanship, many of them, like this one, do not belong to the most finely crafted pieces.
    This coffin was decorated by such an artisan inexperienced in hieroglyphic writing: the offering formula covering the lower part of the lid is corrupted, while the name of the deceased is not indicated.
    The coffin is damaged at several places, the nose and the front of the pedestal are damaged. The chest is covered by a large Wesekh-collar showing a geometric design, and below this the kneeling figure of the goddess Isis spreading her wings in protection of the deceased can be observed. Then follows the scene with the wrapped mummy resting on a lion-shaped funerary bier, with four canopic jars underneath containing the embalmed internal organs of the deceased.
    Ptolemaic Period or early Roman, from Gamhud.
    inv. 51.1998.1-2

    Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest.

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