Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe: F-W P8

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The first of my new building project: "Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe".

The Focke-Wulf Project 8 was the last of the Luftwaffe's secret bomber projects. The development of this revolutionary design was crippled by supply issues as Germany's industrial production ground to a halt in the latter stages of the war.

I'll post separate images of the aircraft itself shortly.

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  1. .GMan 59 months ago | reply

    I'm curious to know, have you heard about the "jetpack" that the Nazis were trying to develop late in the war?

  2. Ɍaillery 59 months ago | reply

    Ah, a flying hamburger! I'm surprised I missed this.

  3. Kirilo 59 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for Blah blah blah Lego Weird War II ,?

  4. Dutch-builder 59 months ago | reply

    nICE =) glad the germans didn't really used this weapon, we should be doomed then ;)

  5. 2 Much Caffeine 59 months ago | reply

    @Mad Physicist, @Azaghal - my copy of "Hunt for Point Zero" just arrived from Amazon. Thanks for the heads-up, I'm looking forward to reading it.

  6. Mad physicist 59 months ago | reply

    Cool. I hope you'll like it.

  7. JonHall18 59 months ago | reply

    How could I have missed this for so long? - excellent design and execution! Also probably the best greebling I've ever seen and that's saying something!

  8. peggyjdb 58 months ago | reply

    Nice work :-)

  9. Imagination Customs 58 months ago | reply

    why dont you add this to "weird war two"?

  10. James Burgundy 57 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Lego Nazi Punk, a place for alternate WW II models featuring Nazi's and i'd love for you to add this to it.

  11. TheTrotsky 56 months ago | reply

    the russians still would have defeeted it

  12. ironlaugh 55 months ago | reply

    Amazing! I love it!

  13. tearydearie 54 months ago | reply

    f@#%!! awesome!! love it!!

  14. randalsvea 50 months ago | reply

    It puts my Lego Iron Sky flying saucers to shame.

  15. leg0fenris 47 months ago | reply

    just realized there was a computer-game i played called swatl... secret weapons of the luftwaffe...

  16. << tea please >> 35 months ago | reply

    watched " Iron Sky" today and they had their inspiration from you ! unmistakebly.

  17. Colonel Nick 5 months ago | reply

    Amazing! I love german Wunderwaffe!

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