Re-ment Miniature Fruit Storage

This picture is almost five years old. My collection has grown and I now have six containers of fruit, all labeled, if you would like to take a look. It's become a bit unwieldy but I love my miniature fruits and veggies and I'm always looking for more. :)




This is how I store most of my Re-ment fruit. Larger pieces like full melons and the extra bananas and pineapples are in another container. But this gives me a great selection when I'm doing dioramas.


I'm doing some fruit and veggie stands, that's why I have so many duplicates. :)



Some of the collections these things come from:

From the Farm 1


From the Farm 2


From the Farm 3 aka Open Air Market


Farmer's Market


European Grandma's Kitchen


Supermarket 3


Korean Tour


Orcara Fruit


Re-ment Kotatsu Table



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Taken on July 18, 2010