DAC 2011: Cadence-Denali party
Images from the annual Denali party at DAC 2011 in San Diego, CA; June 7, 2011
Since Cadence’s landmark acquisition of Denali last year, the #1 FAQ about DAC 2011 was whether Cadence would still host this event, and continue its traditions. Walk though this gallery and judge for yourself! Specifically, you may ask: “OK, there was a party as promised; but was it *really* the same?” Was it open to *all* DAC attendees -- including competitor's staff? Yes. Open bar? Check. A venue that supported both a raucous dance floor and quiet spaces to catch-up with customers and partners? Affirmative. Rocking out past the midnight hour? Heck, yeah! As you can see from the images, those of you who couldn't make it (and/or who were obviously ordered not to come [sad!]) really missed out. It's OK -- join us next year!

Joe Hupcey III

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P.S. Here is my image gallery and report on DAC itself: www.cadence.com/Community/blogs/fv/archive/2011/06/17/pho...
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