Mixed meat sandwich in collapsible sandwich holder

My first use of a Sanrio Shinkansen collapsible sandwich holder (collapsed, exploded, assembled). I'll see how the vented sides work out, but in theory this is great for packing up small after eating lunch. It fits a full-sized sandwich cut in half (it's quite deep when assembled), and the divider is movable.

  • sw*photographer 9y

    That's pretty cool. And the lunch looks yummy. Did you buy this at a Sanrio store?
  • Lunch in a Box 9y

    Yes, got it at the Sanrio store in a mall near me.
  • Petra Hildebrandt 9y

    interesting idea but doesn't this spill crumbs into you bag? :)
  • Liz 9y

    Did the sandwich/bread get stale? And how does it all hold together?! It's interesting but since I put my lunch containers into my backpack, I'd end up with a messy backpack and dirty lunch!
  • Lunch in a Box 9y

    Okay, got the report back from my husband. We investigated his new black bag that he throws his bento into (very unceremoniously), and there were no crumbs (of course, if I threw it into one of our kinchaku lunch carry bags, then no problem). He said the bread didn't get stale and it was fine. I checked out some Japanese-language sites about other sandwich cases, and most of them have ventilation holes like this one does -- evidently it's to keep your sandwich from getting soggy. Talked it over with a friend, and his grandmother in Africa used to wrap his sandwiches in cheesecloth for the same reason -- keep it from getting soggy (especially with fillings that are warm initially). I guess it's another thing to keep in mind when packing lunches in this case; need to pack dry snacks that won't leak out. I'm not that impressed with the latches on the lid -- I throw an elastic band around the whole thing to make sure it stays shut.
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