The above photo shows the finest of the many Brinkley editions published by the J. B. MILLET COMPANY of Boston. Beside the English text translated from articles written by the Japanese themselves, there are over 300 hand-finished illustrations.

These labor-intensive embellishments consist of 260 hand-tinted real albumen photographs, 10 beautiful flower collotypes, and over 30 other works of art inserted among the pages --- and that's just the first 10 volumes !

The 60 photos in this set are a small sampling of the over 500 possible images to be found in both the real-photo and half-tone editions.

A series of crops taken from the TATTOOED POST RUNNER image clearly demonstrates the individual nature of each albumen print that was hand colored prior to being tipped into the various volumes.

In spite of the fact that KOZABURO TAMAMURA was in charge of getting himself and others to provide the huge amount of photos needed, the most identified photographer of the images is T. ENAMI, with KIMBEI KUSAKABE coming in close behind him.

A more complete description of these sets, and what went into making them is found in the caption of the first thumbnail view of the book covers.
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