There must be well over 1000 photos on my photostream that show real Kimono being worn as a part of real life in old Japan.

However, this set is reserved for Kimono photos that are "self referencing" in one way or another --- from actually working on or washing the Kimono, to buying the fabrics, or featuring the parts, fitting, and adjustment of it all.

Some images are posted because the caption discusses things like Kitsuke --- manners related to form, tuck, ties, and balance of the entire ensemble, including aesthetic matching of the pins, flowers, and other accouterments of the day.

Occasionally, the goofy foreigner will be seen, with some kind of goofy Kimono comment to go with it.

This set is not definitive. It's just a sampling of even more images like them throughout this photostream.

Enjoy !
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