HIKONE PARK - Genkyu Gardens 玄宮園
HIKONE is on the eastern shore of Lake Biwa.

HAKONE is 157 miles away to the East, on the eastern shore of Lake Ashi.


Don't get them mixed up !

Staring at the group of thumbnails to the right makes it appear that these gardens are a dark and un-exciting place. That's because a lot of those thumbnails are b/w proofs, and richly (darkly) printed salt prints.

It is actually a very colorful and romantic place, with plenty of depth for the serious 3-D photographer.

Click on a few, and you will get the idea.

".....Genkyu-en Garden (玄宮園). Hikone's number two attraction is the garden at the foot of the castle. The park contains a sprawling villa built in the Chinese Tang Dynasty style in 1677 for Naooki Ii, the fourth lord of Hikone. The best thing to do here is to pause at the teahouse for a cup of matcha (ceremonial green tea), a Japanese sweet and some quiet contemplation for ¥500...."


The photos in this set range from ca.1890 to 1925.

Enjoy !
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