T. ENAMI 3-D CONTACT PRINTS -- Raw Stereo Proofs
This small sampling of original proofs can be seen in deep 3-D by free-viewing with the "cross-eyed method".

There are a few posts in this set that also show the finished (transposed) stereoviews on their mounts, but in such cases, they are accompanied by the original proofs to allow you to compare (as well as free-view by both the cross-eyed and parallel methods).

Although I can handle both types of 3-D free-viewing, I personally prefer looking at the finished, mounted images using the parallel method.

I usually do restoration and touch-up work on a lot of my Enami posts, however, most of the views in this set are simply "slavish scans". As such, they are in the Public Domain, and you may use them as you wish. But I will always appreciate a link back to their flickr pages if you chose to blog or web-post any of them. Thanks.

The paper proofs were printed over 100 years ago by being squeezed together in direct contact with the glass stereo-negative, inside a printing frame, and placed under the sun for several minutes. Interestingly, over 100 years later, in order to get these onto Flickr, the originals were again squeezed in direct contact with glass -- under the lid of a flat-bed scanner !

Due to the perfectly flat nature of the proof-prints, this will provide the closest, most faithful study I can offer for distortion or focal-length comparison of the original lenses used on Enami's stereo-camera(s).

Such faithfulness to the original negative cannot always be guaranteed in the left-right image rendering of stereoview posts made by scanning the old curved mount views --- such scans sometimes suffering uneven compression distortion across the view, or the "angle of capture" by the scanner's moving light bar and "optical reader" which sometimes adds minor distortion to the scanned image.

Therefore, these original-proof scans, while not only being rich and beautiful in their processing and image content, are also an aid to those looking into certain technical issues of how well the hand-made lenses of those days were matched for use in a stereo camera --- Enami's stereo camera, that is --- and I am sorry I do not know the brand(s) of camera(s) that he used.

The proofs were made up in Enami's Yokohama studio in the early part of the 20th Century from negatives made as early 1895-1900, and as late as 1905.

The backs are hand inscribed by a Japanese hand giving a negative number, and a short description in both Japanese and English.

They were sent to Enami's first American publisher of his views --- the Griffith & Griffith Co, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

In 1900, Griffith introduced the work of Enami to the 3D-buying public with a series of almost 200 stereoviews old old Japan.

Enami's views proved popular enough that Griffith kept adding to the JAPAN line until about 1907, including a 100-view numbered set of Enami's real-photo stereoviews published in 1905 at the height of the Russo-Japan War.

The over thirty proofs (plus some minor duplication) that you will find in this set are a small but beautiful sampling of about 150 similar T. Enami proof prints known to exist, all as varied and richly printed as you see here.

Further, they are the only known original 3-D proof material from Enami's studio known to have survived the Great Kanto Plains Earthquake of 1923 --- today, each one has become a priceless 3-D memory of old Japan.
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