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This set contains only a sampling of the many 19th and early 20th Century Geisha images in my photostream. Many more are found in other sets with specific themes such as as SHOW ME THE OBI, and BABES & BOOBS.

Other set names are self-explanatory, and several show Geisha "out of character" --- even as country bumpkins, and a Goddess riding on a sea-dragon ! Basically, there are too many Geisha around here !

Before getting into it to deeply, please click on the above photo and read the caption to understand a little bit about the pre-WW2 women you are looking at here.

For you modern-day Geisha lovers.....


To learn MORE about these ECLECTIC FEMALES (and all things Geisha and Kimono) you can treat yourself to a fine experience by joining up with your fellow fans right HERE :


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