FLICKr COMMUNITY GUIDELINES CLEARLY STATE "......Don’t vent your frustrations, rant, or bore the brains out of other members. Flickr is not a venue for you to harass, abuse, impersonate, or intimidate others. If we receive a valid complaint about your conduct, we’ll send you a warning or terminate your account......"

IN KEEPING WITH THOSE GUIDELINES, none of the captions here contain personal attacks or complaints against any Flickr member, derogatory comments about other member's photos, or put-downs of comments made by other true, bona fide, photo-posting flickr members in their own captions..

However, if a non-flicker member registers simply for the purpose of leaving a FLAME or TROLL comment in defense of such things as CHILD PROSTITUTION, PHYSICAL ABUSE OR TORTURE OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN, SOCIAL REPRESSION OR MURDER OF WOMAN, GENITAL MUTILATION, RAPE, HUMAN TRAFFICKING and etc, then all bets are off, and I will respond to the non-flicker TROLL using any derisive, mocking, or sarcastic words of rebuke that I feel like --- OR, I MIGHT JUST DELETE THE MORON.

Flickr should never become a comment forum for those advocating the social and human ills mentioned above, or class prejudices within societies.

Any ranting or harping I might do is directly or obliquely connected to the posted image, and is directed at these customs, cultures, institutions, historical events or mindsets that mitigate against life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness....or the subjugation of women, and the abuse of is evident from the context or thread of the image.

For example there is the occasional "rant" directed at CHILD PROSTITUTION, HUMAN TRAFFICKING, or SUPPRESSION OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLES. Such "ranting" is aimed at social or political systems that allow it, or continue to glorify such things.

Among the captions in this set you will also find......


This includes not only caption content, but remarks made in the Comments section.

Some are well on the tame side...and other are more on the wild side.....depending on who you are, and how you see things.

It's all part of having fun with the photos....or using them as a launching point to hack and harp on the undeniable goofiness we as humans all share.

I am not "Trolling" for debate or argument, but rather standing on the occasional photo to make a few things clear, and adding links where I can to help you form your own opinions about the subject at hand.

The Guidelines also said, "Don’t..... bore the brains out of other members". I AGREE with that. So, the second you get bored while reading anything I've written, STOP READING, and just go back to looking at the photos --- most of which you will find anything BUT boring.

AND....If you are a fellow flickr poster with a real photostream and a filled out profile, feel free to hack and harp right back at me.

Or......add your own jokes to the punch bowl ! (Many photos throughout my photostream are just begging for a goofy note to be stuck onto faces and objects. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DO JUST THAT IF THE COMIC MUSE MOVES YOU !)

Otherwise, it's just another day on flickr...!

PS -- REPEAT : Anonymous outsiders who are not a member of the Flickr community, and who log on just to place troll comments or make personal attacks of a disparaging nature will be either (1) ignored, or (2) replied to in a less than diplomatic manner, in keeping with the theme of this Flickr Set. Thank you !
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