OLD KOREA 옛 한국 110-125 년 전
Many of the images in this OLD KOREA set are crops taken from half-stereoviews by HERBERT G. PONTING, photographed in 1902 and 1903 -- just prior to the Russo-Japan War.

I have visited Korea three times as a transient tourist on the fly, had good experiences there, and have been collecting these stereoviews and other Korean images for over 30 years. This Flickr Album represents only a small portion of the whole batch. Hope you enjoy the ones I picked out.

I should say here that I am not a student of Korean history, and do not follow the ups and downs of Life in Korea that foreigners might experience while stationed there in the US Military, or working there in any other capacity. I simply love the old photos, and hope that my posting them here adds to knowledge and discussions of those who love Korea, or have an intimate understanding if the Country.

As for the captions... Why do I occasionally dump on the Japanese and not the Koreans ? That's easy. Because I live in Okinawa, I am more familiar with Japan's culture, history, and their overall superiority complex and past aggressive conduct toward their neighbors in Asia.

On the other hand, I am NOT familiar with Korea, except for my short-but-pleasant visits there, and so have nothing negative to say about Korea's national traits, or past and present policies.

Further, Old Korea was good friends with Old Okinawa (a place I love), and did not crap all over the Okinawans and destroy their Kingdom and Culture the way the Japanese did.

And, as far as I know, Korea did not invade, annex, subjugate, or run roughshod over China, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, and the rest of Asia --- thank you, Korea !

If you are an "Old Korea Hand", or a foreigner who has had long experience living there, and thinks Korea needs to be dumped on (being familiar with their own internal cultural problems, hypocrisies, and things you think need fixin'), then please, by all means, post your own pix of Korea, and let 'em have it ! KABOOM !!!

As for me, I will continue to enjoy Kimchi, and write whatever ridiculous things I want to in my own captions !

The pics are free to download and use for your blogs, Websites, and all manner of your creative enjoyment.


PS : Here's the Korean girl of my dreams :

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