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A MAIKO AND HER DOLL | by Okinawa Soba (Rob)
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Is that really a "Maiko" ` ?


Flickr member MissMyloko has checked in with a comment to remind me that in Tokyo, a "Maiko" is properly called a "Hangyoku", but also wonders if she might just be a "regular girl" ~ !


You other IMMORTAL GEISHA gals out there may check out her comment, and chime in with your own thoughts on this matter.


As for me, it was either (1) throw this old photo in the trash and burn it, or (2) post it on Flickr just in case somebody might enjoy looking at it, or (3) build a time machine, go back to meet her, and confess my undying love !


OK. I'll go with number two.


Yup, I've already posed so many "Maiko" shots on this photostream that they have been officially banned for the next 10 years.


But, with that cute smile on her face, and that cute (and interesting) little doll she's holding on her lap, I guess I will have to break my NO MORE MAIKO rule.


I wonder how old she is ? The classic "thirteen-to-fifteen" Maiko age? An older teenager ? It's hard to tell.


Back then, the "age of consent" was only 13, and most of the prettier and more talented girls were scooped up by wealthy patrons --- to be wives or mistresses --- by the time they were fifteen-to-sixteen years old.


It took a while to get the scratches and gunk cleaned off the old photo, but it was worth it.


Too bad her name wasn't written on the back. Now she is just another anonymous Maiko lost to time.


I have posted a slightly larger file size than usual, for those who want to download it. Feel free to "grab" it if you have a use for it.


In the meantime, all I can think of when I see this photo is, "Ahhhh, if I was only 18 again !"




Circa 1920s photo by the MURASE STUDIO of Tokyo.









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Taken on July 17, 2012