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This 41-Second video snippit shows how kids are allowed to go nuts here --- in their school clothes !

During summer vacation, it's a regular Kids Fest around here. Too bad we were stuck in the shade, as I was hoping to show the river in a more vibrant light.

* * *

Here's a great little spot for Families and kids that is pretty close to my house, and JUST OUTSIDE KADENA AIR BASE !


An Okinawan engineer had the good idea to let the local OKINAWA CITY KIDS and US AIR FORCE MILITARY BRATS play in the fresh mountain water from Northern Okinawa, just before it enters the Reservoir of Central Okinawa's largest Dam and Water Supply.

So, they designed the water-feed outlet that brings the water from the Mountains to be disguised as a series of small waterfalls and a shallow, natural bottomed swimming hole for little kids, followed by a 130-yard sand-and-pebble-bottomed fresh-water creek for parents with toddlers.

The water that flows into this river arrives via a huge underground pipe-and-tunnel system from FOUR RIVERS in Northern Okinawa --- THREE rivers in Motobu Peninsula, and ONE (the YONA RIVER) almost 36 miles away near the northern end of the island.

The babbling creek is designed to be only inches deep, and is seen at its minimum flow in this Flickr set.

When they open the valves to bring in a heavier flow, the extra few inches expand the width of the Children's River" to cover the yellow patches you see on either side.

There are closely spaced, immovable flat boulders to let you cross and keep your feet dry.

On the other hand, the designers also added small and medium size rocks the to stream so that kids could move them around to make their own "Water Forts" and other flow-diversion creations.

The colors of green in this set are constantly changing from photo-to-photo as the sun dodged in and out from behind the clouds.




RANDOM SOBA : www.flickriver.com/photos/24443965@N08/sets/

  1. abriony 23 months ago | reply

    I guess that as the water wasn't onsen spring water that it must have been quite chilly.
    What a nice idea though on the part of the engineers.

  2. Posteriormente [deleted] 23 months ago | reply

    I wish my school excursions were like this one. Instead, I just visited the factories of ice cream and soft drinks. Oh. It was cool too!

  3. Okinawa Soba 23 months ago | reply

    The river water up north can get pretty cold. After miles in the large underground pipe, I have no idea what the temperature is when it some out here. In the summer sun, the shallow river portion warms up pretty fast, though. And that means you have given me SOMETHING TO DO the next time I head over there. Now...where did I put my thermometer........

    Yup, me too. Been there, done that back in old Philadelphia and vicinity....with a few museums tossed in on the side !

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