LAKE KUINA AND THE RIVERS THAT FLOW INTO IT -- Showcasing the Beautiful and Primitive Watershed Behind AHA DAM

The AHA DAM was built 30 years ago, and is part of a system of reservoirs that provide the water for 1,000,000 locals, 5,000,000 tourists, and 100,000 US Military related folks who live or visit here every year.




Even the spillway alone is higher than NIAGRA FALLS, and about as wide as the gap across the HORSESHOE of the same Falls.


Looking down from the roadway that crosses the Dam, you will be impressed to know that you are way higher than the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE over San Francisco Bay.


Okinawa is a small island, but the Civil Engineers know their stuff.




The sign board above shows some of the things to be seen in the vicinity of the Dam and Reservoir.


This is just one of many similar spots on Okinawa that combine the needs of man with the best efforts to protect the often-impenetrable watersheds that supply them.










  • abej2004 3y

    The US military needs to go, the island is too crowded already.
  • Okinawa Soba (Rob) 3y

    abej2004 Coincidentally, today I was told by three people in the Japanese Department of Defense that while I am in the AHA DAM reservoir, I cannot step out of my boat onto any dry land, as that would be trespassing on US Military property (the NTA -- Northern Training Area for US Marines).

    I replied that it was too late, as I had already set foot on solid ground when I hopped out of the boat to pose with the Waterfall. This exchange took place at the Okinawa Boei Cho headquarters, where I went to ask for a map showing exactly where I could (and could not) put my foot while exploring the wilds of Okinawa's northern rivers and Jungles.

    They replied that they have a map, but that cannot let me have a copy.

    Hmmmmmm. This further confirms my evaluation of the local occupying powers that be, as expressed in my recent HUMAN EVOLUTION post !

    HUMAN EVOLUTION by Okinawa Soba (Rob)

  • abej2004 3y

    Well perhaps it's for the better otherwise the area would be overrun with houses and farms. I bet if you went hiking there you would find many things, bullets, pallets, mortars from WWII
  • Okinawa Soba (Rob) 3y

    abej2004 Another friend of mine has the same opinion. He thinks that if the US Military returned the land, it would immediately be bought up by mainland Japan real-estate and development interests, and turn into mountains full of condos and malls --- and Golf Courses ! To be perfectly honest, that's what has happened to almost all of the inland military lands returned so far in the populated south of the Island.

    Old military properties along the urbanized coast have been converted to the Condo and Mall thing, but fortunately (or at least) they have left public "buffer zones" or sea-side walkways in a few places to prevent personal ownership of coastal areas.

    I would like to hold out hope that the folks here would set aside their mountainous watershed areas to in the north be preserved / undeveloped in perpetuity. Until then, by default, the US Military is stopping most of that.

    However, at the same time, they want to partially fill in the coral reefs at Henoko to make a new US Marine Airbase (to replace one now in Ginowan City to the south) --- "for defending democracy, and the freedom of the world". Otherwise, they say, China, North Korea, and maybe even Russia will be here tomorrow to divvy up Okinawa's waterfalls !

    The Japan would now like to see the Marines shipped off to GUAM, where they would probably face some serious challenges with (and add a severe burden to) the already precious Water Supply there.

    All of these things make for one tough call after another, and keep the Politicians and Bureaucrats endlessly busy with their tit-for-tat maneuvering, compromising, and endless procrastinations as they work toward a solution.
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