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Only about 10 minutes from my home, MAEDA FLATS is actually a series of close beaches, caves, and coves in Onna Township's southern district along the east China Sea. This stretch of coastal features runs about 500 to 1000 yards south of MAEDA POINT (or MAEDA MISAKI), a popular dive spot on Okinawa.


All of the rocks see sit on a shallow coral reef, the edge of which is about 300 yards out. At low tide you can walk out and explore the rocks and pools.


I was once explored this spot during a midnight low tide. As I walked along the edges of the shallow pools, each of my steps resulted in a burst of luminescence under my feet, leaving a trail of luminescent footprints behind me.


Although the mentioned dive spot only a minute away by car is usually packed with tourists and divers, these lesser known beaches of sculpted rocks and solitude remain largely deserted.


Perhaps it is a good thing they are not mentioned in any guidebook, or shown on the tourist maps.


Here, we can take pictures, walk the dog, have beach parties, or camp out under the stars.


I have also come here many times during raging Typhoons. While huge and violent waves rush in from the Sea, they meet their fate on the edge of the reefs --- letting you stand here at the waters edge in complete safety as you watch the show....staring out to sea in the driving wind and rain, and soaked to the skin like a drowned rat.


I would tell you about the time I took two of my daughters to the edge of a high cliff during a violent typhoon so they could witness the waves crashing against it 100 feet into the air. But, I won't mention it, because I don't want to be accused of child abuse.


THE CLIFFS OF ZAMPA : www.flickr.com/photos/24443965@N08/3343701982/


The first four photos in this OKINAWA SET are also taken along MAEDA FLATS :










RANDOM SOBA : www.flickriver.com/photos/24443965@N08/random/

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Taken on July 14, 2011