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    This is one of the "little" coal scoops used in the strip mine near JEDDO, Pa. The larger buckets are nearly three time bigger than this one !

    At one time Jeddo [Tokyo] Coal was famous all over the East Coast USA, and all the way to Japan. In fact, the close-by mining towns of JAPAN-JEDO, and the smaller JEDDO BOROUGH, were named in honor of their main trading partner --- the city and sea port of Tokyo, Japan !






    1. Ayilana 54 months ago | reply

      That thing is HUGE!!

    2. Okinawa Soba (Rob) 54 months ago | reply

      No, no NO ! It's SMALL. That's the little BABY shovel. ;-)

    3. curtisirish 54 months ago | reply

      Your little coal scoop is impressive enough !

    4. Katorina 54 months ago | reply

      The rusted metal has created such beautiful variations of color, nice shot.

    5. Okinawa Soba (Rob) 54 months ago | reply

      Now that you mention it. "Rust Color" is certainly MORE than just one color. Thanks.

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