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    This is the first of a series of photos I'll be putting up from my visit to Africa in July 2010.

    My cousin found a beautiful African Pearl and, although I knew in advance that I had to go, I got dragged (kickin' and screamin') away from my Okinawa vacation in order to attend his wedding.

    Did I say wedding ?

    I went to what I will call THREE WEDDINGS (that is to say, TWO weddings, and a 5 hour RECEPTION on the shores of Lake Victoria), in beautiful Uganda.

    Standing in for my Cousin's Father who could not make it to represent the Groom's clan in America, I had a great time the whole week I was there !!!



    Also coming up...a caption about an unusual aspect of English usage in certain parts of Africa as it relates to what Americans call "The N-Word". I will literally (and culturally) spell it out for you in the next batch of photos.

    This will give those who find my many of my captions "borderline-questionable" in matters of race and culture even MORE reason to blow steam out their ears. Stay tuned !





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    1. hjk 4711 57 months ago | reply

      great smile

    2. Chimay Bleue 57 months ago | reply

      What an incredible adventure! Congratulations!

    3. Okinawa Soba (Rob) 57 months ago | reply

      That it was ! PS. Thanks for the typo fix at the other photo.

    4. 7E55E-BRN ♥ 57 months ago | reply

      oh beautiful!! (^_^)

    5. Greg Miles 57 months ago | reply

      Oh Wow! Beautiful girls! I was in Uganda in July. It's a wonderful country. It was my fourth visit there!

    6. Okinawa Soba (Rob) 57 months ago | reply

      GREG --- Four times, huh ? I envy you ! I was there in July, as well --- arrived about 12 hours after the terrorist bombing in Kampala, and stayed for a week. Like you, my cousin "The Groom" has also visited there many times over the past several years.

    7. jackie ramo 57 months ago | reply

      A couple of real beauties. Lucky to go to Africa and how typical to moan and groan all the way there only to find you had the best time ever.... men!!! ;-)

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    8. Okinawa Soba (Rob) 57 months ago | reply

      " typical [of men] to moan and groan all the way there, only to find you had the best time ever..."

      Well, that about sums it up in a nutshell !!!


    9. constance taylor 57 months ago | reply

      Are you complaining or bragging? Lucky you. Beautiful women.

    10. Okinawa Soba (Rob) 57 months ago | reply that order ! ;-)

    11. yandahi 57 months ago | reply

      They are beauties. Their skin looks smooth and glowing. Great portrait! I hope they get a chance to visit Flickr.

    12. Greg Miles 57 months ago | reply

      We were in the west near Fort Portal when the bombing happened. Your family must have been concerned about you going to Kampala after that.

    13. Fresh Light 52 months ago | reply


    14. marcellucray 52 months ago | reply


    15. Squid Forty-Seven [deleted] 43 months ago | reply

      Actually, I think it is sister and cousin. :)

    16. Okinawa Soba (Rob) 43 months ago | reply

      Dan ! Ok....I'll fix that right now !

    17. bullus1999 13 months ago | reply

      so many we can loves the black very black girls??No!!Miserable..

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