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OKINAWA SOBA HIMSELF -- Mad as Hell and Getting Ready to Go Out and Kill Some BLACK BEAR With His BARE HANDS | by Okinawa Soba (Rob)
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OKINAWA SOBA HIMSELF -- Mad as Hell and Getting Ready to Go Out and Kill Some BLACK BEAR With His BARE HANDS

For those who wonder what I look like, here I am.


My sister took the picture. There was one of me smiling as well, but I quickly discarded it as not in keeping with my reputation. want me to take the hat and sunglasses off ? No problem ! Here I am striking fear into the hearts of innocent school children in Tokyo, Japan :


My longstanding flickr buddy icon is not me, of course, but is my favorite old Japanese photographer, T. ENAMI --- cropped down from this old photo :


I should be back in my house on Okinawa, but both God and man have conspired against me, keeping me trapped in Pennsylvania until a few jobs are done around here.


Now, excuse me while I go take out my frustrations on the local Black Bear population.











NEWS FLASH !!! --- AP, Pocono Mts, Pa. While on a murderous rampage to kill hibernating Black Bears with his bare hands, Okinawa Soba was quickly eaten alive by the first Ursus Americanus that he came across.


Anonymous sources, who were not authorized to discuss what happened because they knew nothing about it, told the AP that Soba accidentally woke the Bear from it's sleep while peeing on it through a big hole he found between two rocks.


An investigation later revealed the hole opened up into a huge cavern containing the largest population of Black Bears in North America, with the biggest, meanest bear directly under the opening ---- an opening which Soba had apparently mistaken for an old Out-House Pit.


According to one eyewitness who didn't actually see what happened, Soba was immediately pulled into the den and swallowed whole by the roaring beast who was "mad as hell" for the unspeakable manner in which he had been roused from his sleep.


However, Soba, who was also "mad as hell", absolutely refused to die.


In a surprise move, he stuck his head back out of the Bear's mouth, and continued to walk around while wearing the entire Bear on the outside.


Soba... er, the Bear... er, Soba was last seen stumbling off into the woods, while being pursued by a pack of angry animal rights activists from PETA, who were determined to bring Okinawa Soba to justice for hunting Bear without a license --- and for...uhhh... wearing fur.








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Taken on January 7, 2010