BOUND FEET UNBOUND --- Underneath the Putrid, Rotten Bindings of a Putrid, Rotten Aspect of a Male-Dominated Culture that used to MAIM and TORTURE LITTLE GIRLS

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    HAN CHINESE FOOT BINDING --- A Cultural Feature that Deserves NO RESPECT.


    Those feet in the photo used to be natural feet. Now, all except the big toes have been completely broken, twisted, and (as part of the process), crushed by shear body weight as the child was forced to walk on the freshly broken toes, snapped arch bones, and dislocated heels.

    The four small toes are now deadened and useless to the point where the corrupt culture behind this abomination believed the feet would be even more beautiful if the toes completely rotted and fell off.

    The broken arch bones and dislocated heels (ripped apart from their ligaments and sockets, all without anesthesia) was for the purpose of (as much as possible) folding the feet in half. This, of course, destroys the natural alignment of the leg-bones, ankles and heels. The heel of each foot, instead of being nicely rounded out to the rear, completely disappears in some cases, being crushed inward toward the center of the foot. After a while, the young girl's feet are transformed into "Elephant Stubs" :

    It is said that 10% of the young girls died as a result of the pain and shock. More died later from rotting infections of the foot.

    Those young girls who survived the two-to-three-year process of almost daily torture to break and fold the feet became the "breeding cattle" for millions of Chinese men --- men who were taught to believed that women who hobbled around in great pain on twisted and crippled feet would have a tighter vagina. And just the thought of THAT made it acceptable among half the men of China to maim and cripple every girl in sight for a thousand years, while fabricating a euphemistic cover story that said "women with crippled, crushed, putrid, and smelly feet are really sexy and beautiful."

    Some deeper comments on the TIGHTER VAGINA thing are made at the ABOVE link --- including an explanation of the probable cause behind these particular Chinese men's need for such a thing.

    At the main CHINESE FOOT BINDING 101 link given BELOW, you will find (among other things) a more explicit description of how these small-hearted men with their even smaller peckers sexually satisfied themselves by using the INNER FOLDS OF THE CRUSHED FEET as an ALTERNATIVE TO THE ACTUAL VAGINA. This enlightening commentary will be found in the PART 3 section on SEX.

    You have been forewarned.

    Believe it or not, there are still a few mindless CULTURAL AND MORAL RELATIVISTS out there who think that torturing and crushing the feet of little girls for this eventual sexual purpose was A-OK, and that "all cultures should be respected in the context of their times", simply because such things are....culture.

    Yeah. Right. If you are one of those Time-Place, Everything is Relative type of folks, please excuse me while I barf all over your psychopathic ignorance.

    Any male-dominated culture that puts women and young female children in a position to submit to any kind of cutting, slicing, crushing, horrific torture, permanent disfigurement, and diminishing of her sexual or psychological self --- under the "cultural threat" of facing a life without marriage, money, or children --- is a culture worthy only of the greatest disdain and disgust. There is no obligation to respect such a culture, nor obligation to list these backward nations among those who take seriously the equality of human beings and the advancement of civilization.

    It goes without saying that any country that promotes or protects any kind, variety or version of such backward, sexist, male-dominated cultures has absolutely no claim to pride or greatness among the nations of the Earth..


    Welcome to CHINESE FOOT BINDING 101.

    If you think you can handle it, the COMPLETE 101 COURSE, as well as the gruesome details of how the feet were actually broken and crushed into shape, are found in the caption of this photo :

    Crippled for life by a sociopathic defect in certain Chinese men's view of women, this "cultural outrage against nature" continued for a thousand years.

    No excuse. Just more cultural stupidity that afflicts all mankind, manifesting itself in different ways in almost all countries of the world....this being one of the more severe insanities right up there with GENITAL MUTILATION --- both that and foot binding decreed by men for their own mentally and culturally corrupt view of women, leading to their permanent, crippling disfigurement, and/or loss of natural feeling and bodily function.

    ".......The custom is commonly cited by sociologists and anthropologists as examples of how an extreme deformity by contemporary standards can be viewed [by men] as a source of "beauty and pleasure", and how immense human suffering can be inflicted upon girls [by men] in the pursuit of female beauty......"

    Beauty ? Yeah. Right. Some men need to have heir heads examined.

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    1. Sophie Rata 85 months ago | reply

      this is soso fucked up!

    2. Okinawa Soba (Rob) 85 months ago | reply

      Yup. With a capital F.

    3. jackie ramo 85 months ago | reply

      I see these things and wonder, who thought of doing this first??? Did some guy look at his daughter and say, hey lets cripple you and start a new fashion. And then why would some one next door copy it??? Yuck, puts a whole new perspective on keeping up with the Joneses.
      Seen on your photo stream. ( ?² )

    4. Okinawa Soba (Rob) 85 months ago | reply

      Jackie --- I ask myself the same questions every time I see stuff like this.

    5. PBY 85 months ago | reply

      I will never understand how some peoples make such things for "beauty". Anorexia isn't a lot better.

      I think that such stupid "culture" started when the single daughter of an important person suffered from some sort of deformation, with a similar visual result. For making her still attractive, the powerful parent declared that this deformation was the best of beauty. When it is more or less accepted, others follow.

    6. Okinawa Soba (Rob) 85 months ago | reply

      Hi PBY --- If such is true, the father is a liar, and those who followed him should be getting their own feet eternally crushed in Hell. Misguided efforts to "protect" a crippled child's self esteem never bode well for the rest of the neighborhood !

    7. Sophie Rata 85 months ago | reply

      Yeah, I saw `giraffe-women` in northern Thailand... when they take of their necklesses (forgive me any English writing mistakes), they break their necks... kind of gross too..

    8. .K.Smith. 84 months ago | reply

      that is awful.

    9. Okinawa Soba (Rob) 84 months ago | reply

      Sophie -- K.Smith -- Got Allen,

      I have an Idea. Let's resurrect this custom, and start a FOOT BINDING ASSOCIATION !!! If anybody complains, we can add GENITAL MUTILATION to our list of approved activities. On weekends, we can engage in THROWING ACID IN WOMENS FACES, as well as BEATING UP WOMEN WHO WEAR SLACKS.

      If we work at it hard enough, perhaps our local countries will approve of these long honored traditions of other countries, and we can apply for TAX EXEMPT STATUS as NGO / NPO Cultural Preservationists.

      Woo Hoo.

      By the way, I hear that some European countries (like England) are allowing some immigrant populations to exercise their own religious laws in their own kangaroo courts outside of the host nation's Justice System.

      Is this true ???

      Now, please excuse me. I have to go find my wife, and give her 40 lashes for wearing slacks to the local market. Bye !

    10. Elmer I. Nocheseda ng Pateros 80 months ago | reply

      when I was a small kid, I saw several Chinese women walking the Manila sidewalks with very small feet. They sway like ducks. I was with the impression that all Chinese women were born with small feet. I never thought that they would look this horrible

    11. Okinawa Soba (Rob) 80 months ago | reply

      "...sway like ducks..."

      That's what's called the lotus gait. I'm sure that the euphemistic "lotus gait" was preferred over the more analogous "duck waddle". Anything to make the women feel better about their permanent disabilities induced by many years of foot-crushing torture.

    12. dagriggs 74 months ago | reply

      Oh, so horrible.
      Your opinion, I quote, "Any male-dominated culture ... to any kind of cutting, slicing, crushing, horrific torture, ... of facing a life without marriage, money, or children ...
      We would never do things so disgusting as cutting, slicing, stitching and repositioning things God gave us such as TEETH?

    13. Okinawa Soba (Rob) 74 months ago | reply

      Hi there, Dag.

      If you cannot tell the difference between crippling, disabling, destructive human torture, and orthodontic procedures that correct oral birth defects or bothersome tooth alignment (originally given by your questionable "God"), with the end result that allows the recipient of such medical corrections to finally eat, breathe, or speak with comfort , then you are probably beyond help,and nothing I can say here will straighten out your inability to grasp the difference.

      Have a nice day !

    14. rui4zhe2 72 months ago | reply

      The custom didn't suddenly just take effect one day and wash over the whole nation. It took centuries for social customs to take effect.

      First, some men started admiring small feet in women (which some men still do, as smaller feet, like narrower waists, bigger breasts, thinner neck, etc. set women apart from men and thus are generally considered more feminine by most men in any culture).
      So rich men started preferring small-footed women as concubines. Women (and their parents) notice this, and start binding feet. At first, the feet were just wrapped tighter so they can fit in to small shoes, but as the aestethic ideal became smaller and smaller feet, you got to the point where breaking the bones was required to make the feet any smaller. Oh, and the reason why they bound girls so young is because it's actually less painful when they're younger. It's more painful for a 7 year old girl to have her bones broken than a 3 year old, which is why rich families did it younger, but poor families (who may actually need their young daughters to perform chores around the house) waited.

      BTW, some Confucians actually spoke out against footbinding when it first became popular during the Song dynasty, because Confucius said that hurting any part of your body was committing a sin against your parents, which is why Han Chinese never got in to tattoos, always kept their hair long for both genders (at least until the Manchus took over and gave the men the choice of losing half their hair or their head), and ideally didn't even cut fingernails (of course, peasants had no choice in the matter, since they needed to work with their hands, but that's why you see literati and well-to-do women wear fingernail covers).

      However, those Confucians in those earlier times could still marry off their daughters because not everyone in their social class did it yet. Once it became pervasive amongst the well-to-do, the men just went with the flow (of course, some neo-Confucians were for it from the beginning, because it kept women subservient to men).

      Another informative article on footbinding:

    15. Okinawa Soba (Rob) 72 months ago | reply

      RUI --- Thanks for your long comments again. I was already familiar with some (but not all) of what you relate. Thanks for the great link, as well. That was new to me.

      I take an absolute position on it all, and it is basically this : There is no reason, explanation, excuse, or situation --- either in the short term or the long term of historical time --- for grown men to allow the destruction of part or all of their daughters being. Zero. None.

      I take the same absolute position on a number of cultural issues related to the treatment of children, both historical and present-day.

      I also take absolute exception to "God" and his conduct as he is portrayed in the Christian's version of the Old Testament, and my own country's practice and tolerances of the enslavement of Africans they purchased like animals on the auction block.

      I can also explain how slavery came about, and show the history and defense of slavery from the position of Slaveholders. Yet, "going with the flow" --- though a very human problem (most of us are like mindless sheep, as history well shows) --- is never a reason or excuse to lessen the crime or culture being addressed.

      I wrote my Foot Binding RANTS (and they are surely RANTS) knowing full well the historical myths, "reasons" and explanations for it all --- all of which provide NOT ONE IOTA of a reason for any singe person to get off the hook (or receive a lighter historical condemnation) for how these men allowed their daughters to be treated.

      American slavers, those who systematically slaughtered the Native Americans as personal, military, or government policy, and many others who come under the same umbrella.

      And I do NOT EXCUSE MYSELF, and share in the ABSOLUTE CONDEMNATION of my own native country's escalating participation in VIETNAM during the 1960s and 70s. I can use that example, because I formed a part of the military handle of a spear whose tip was thrust into the heart of Southeast Asia --- helping by my participation to slaughter millions of innocent people in that part of the world.

      And yes, I fully comprehend that many of you who might read this do not share my convictions in any way.

      Anyway, RUI, that's where I stand, my rants and opinions on personal absolutes (and they are, after all, my opinions) will continue until the cows come home. Meanwhile, I will take your good advice under advisement, and take a better look at the fast changes happening throughout modern China.

      As always, thanks.

    16. Sally.liu2010 70 months ago | reply

      Dear May I know where did you take these photoes? Thanks a lot!

    17. Okinawa Soba (Rob) 70 months ago | reply

      Sally --- I took none of them. They are all old photos were all taken in China by other photographers during the years 1895 through the 1930s. I gathered them over the years during visits to "Old Photo Shows", "Postcard Shows", Flea Markets, Used Book Stores, and Antique Markets. I have newly cropped, corrected, spotted, and restored for posting here on flickr.

    18. jackjaques 61 months ago | reply

      I would say it was for woman not to be able to balance that well and, as such, not to be able to stand and fight...

    19. Okinawa Soba (Rob) 61 months ago | reply

      Yes. Everything else, and THAT, too !

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