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Having finished posting a set of BLACK AFRICA and AFRICAN ZULU images, I am transitioning to a new set of the OLD PHILIPPINES of 100 years ago with FOUR IMAGES of "BLACK FILIPINO".


I am neither anthropologist nor DNA tracker....I am just an old 3-D photo lover posting half-stereoviews.


HOWEVER.....having just come from BLACK AFRICA, these old photos beg certain questions about the migration of man, and when and how people got where they got.


I have bypassed the AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINE on the way to the Philippines, and will let other flickr posters take that one on.


To make it clear, every WHITE person I have shown these pictures to says, "These are Africans". I assume that if I asked some of the local Black constituency in Philadelphia, PA the same question, they might possibly guess the same thing.


These images were photographed ca.1898 on the Island of NEGROS in the Central Philippines.


Here's what the Wiki has to say about the folks in the pictures :


".......Being among the least-known of all living human groups, the origins of the Negrito people is a much debated topic......"


Here's the Island in the Philippines where they supposedly formed the majority --- however, many sources say the Negritos were the FIRST inhabitants filling all of the Philippines :


And one writer calls them "The Most Archaic People on the Face of the Earth" :


The old descriptions of the Philippine Negritos found with these photographs (written by White Men, of course) basically call them the lowest of the low on the scale of human progress and intelligence. Back then, such comments made other White people feel REALLY GOOD.


From the Wiki...


".......While earlier studies such as that of WW Howell allied Andamanese craniometrically with Africans they did not have recourse to genetic studies. Later genetic and craniometric (mentioned earlier) studies have found more genetic affinities with Asians and Polynesians. A study on blood groups and proteins in the 1950s suggested that the Andamanese were more closely related to Oceanic peoples than Africans. Genetic studies on Philippine Negritos, based on polymorphic blood enzymes and antigens, showed they were similar to surrounding Asian populations.


Genetic testing places all the Onge and all but two of the Great Andamanese in the mtDNA Haplogroup M, found in East Africa, East Asia, and South Asia, suggesting that the Negritos are at least partly descended from a migration originating in eastern Africa as much as 60,000 years ago. This migration is hypothesized to have followed a coastal route through India and into Southeast Asia. Analysis of mtDNA coding sites indicated that these Andamanese fall into a subgroup of M not previously identified in human populations in Africa and Asia; these findings suggest an early split from these populations.........."


TRANSLATION : Nobody has really figured it all out yet.


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Uploaded on October 13, 2008