A NEGRITO HUNTING WILD BOAR --- A Mighty Warrior of the Philippines

Having finished posting a set of BLACK AFRICA and AFRICAN ZULU images, I am transitioning to a new set of the OLD PHILIPPINES of 100 years ago with FOUR IMAGES of "BLACK FILIPINO".


I am neither anthropologist nor DNA tracker....I am just an old 3-D photo lover posting half-stereoviews.


HOWEVER.....having just come from BLACK AFRICA, these old photos beg certain questions about the migration of man, and when and how people got where they got.


I have bypassed the AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINE on the way to the Philippines, and will let other flickr posters take that one on.


To make it clear, every WHITE person I have shown these pictures to says, "These are Africans". I assume that if I asked some of the local Black constituency in Philadelphia, PA the same question, they might possibly guess the same thing.


These images were photographed ca.1898 on the Island of NEGROS in the Central Philippines.


Here's what the Wiki has to say about the folks in the pictures :


".......Being among the least-known of all living human groups, the origins of the Negrito people is a much debated topic......"




Here's the Island in the Philippines where they supposedly formed the majority --- however, many sources say the Negritos were the FIRST inhabitants filling all of the Philippines :




And one writer calls them "The most archaic people on the face of the Earth" :




The old descriptions of the Philippine Negritos found with these photographs (written by White Men, of course) basically call them the lowest of the low on the scale of human progress and intelligence. Back then, such comments made other White people feel REALLY GOOD.


From the Wiki...


".......While earlier studies such as that of WW Howell allied Andamanese craniometrically with Africans they did not have recourse to genetic studies. Later genetic and craniometric (mentioned earlier) studies have found more genetic affinities with Asians and Polynesians. A study on blood groups and proteins in the 1950s suggested that the Andamanese were more closely related to Oceanic peoples than Africans. Genetic studies on Philippine Negritos, based on polymorphic blood enzymes and antigens, showed they were similar to surrounding Asian populations.


Genetic testing places all the Onge and all but two of the Great Andamanese in the mtDNA Haplogroup M, found in East Africa, East Asia, and South Asia, suggesting that the Negritos are at least partly descended from a migration originating in eastern Africa as much as 60,000 years ago. This migration is hypothesized to have followed a coastal route through India and into Southeast Asia. Analysis of mtDNA coding sites indicated that these Andamanese fall into a subgroup of M not previously identified in human populations in Africa and Asia; these findings suggest an early split from these populations.........."


TRANSLATION : Nobody has figured it out yet.




  • Darmawan Wicaksono 7y

    Maybe they came from Papua island.
  • Smiley714 6y

    when i was only 6 years old during one of our vacation summers in Butuan City, Mindanao, at the boutique of my grandmother i saw an aeta, short, black kinky hair with very red palms, we dont understand each other coz his dialect is quite different from mine but thats my first time to see an alive Aeta.
  • Elmer Nocheseda 6y

    Smiley714 hahaha. You have said it as if Aetas are rarities. They are people like you and me.
  • protozoa29 6y

    In deed we are all one family, wake up and read the book of life. Not the school history the've teaches us. True changes comes from inner sefl. Not unto dem know the true roots of our life. You'll look back to Africa. Free your minds coz babylon want's us to be apart. Let there be no division among Brethrens.

    Historiang, tugpi-tugpi di alam ang pinagmulan. Nakalimutang magtalampak.

    JAH RastafarI......
  • Okinawa Soba (Rob) PRO 6y

    Yes. One Family, One Human Race. Unfortunately, Many Breeds, many Cultures, and Many Religions that do not like each other....

    [NOTE : After leaving the above comment, the below comment by IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII did a god job of bringing me back to my senses.]
  • ||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||, 6y

    why this need to unify the dispersion? "we" are not "one family"... and there is no "book of life". there is no "true change" as there is no false change. There are many families, many races, breeds, cultures and there is nothing that can make us one. "We" do not need to like each other either.
  • Okinawa Soba (Rob) PRO 6y


    Thanks as usual. Actually, I (partly) agree with you...against myself...and will have to adjust the away I express my sentiments !

    One Family ? You are right. We are many families.

    One Human Race ? YES. That's basic science and biology.

    "....Many Breeds, many Cultures, Many Religions....". TRUE !

    For that line, I capped it with "Unfortunately........do not like each other".

    While you are absolutely right that we do NOT need to like each other --- And Okinawa Soba certainly has a few cultures he feels free to piss all over in my dislike for them --- it remains "unfortunate" that this dislike among us spills over into death.

    I have no desire that the illustrious IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII die at the hands of someone who does not like your creations, expressed thoughts, or written comments. If that happened to you, I would deem it most unfortunate.

    I also agree with you that there should be no unifying of the dispersion. There is nothing wrong with variety, and I prefer it to zombie-like unity --- especially after living in Japan for so long, where their need for "wa" and "consensus" is often enough to make you puke all over the Ministry of Education and Culture.

    Today, I am now feeling more like IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.

    While not an excuse for my un-modified comments, please note that I am still suffering from the side-effects of just riding two old wooden roller coasters at Knoebles Amusement Park, Pa. I believe I am now suffering brain damage, whiplash, and a rearrangement of my internal organs.

    Although the sign said that persons wearing neck braces will not be allowed on these roller coasters, I believe that neck braces should be mandatory for any adult over 40 who decides to ride them.

    I will repeat the above when I post a photo of it.
  • ||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||, 6y

    reading you are right in bold makes me think that we're all one
    and I sink into my illustrious misfortune

    please note that I am still suffering from the side-effects of just riding metro line 5 in Paris. I believe I am now suffering brain damage, whiplash, and a rearrangement of my internal organs.
  • protozoa29 6y

    Yeah true we're not one family cos you said so. Its like a box that you don't wanna see each life form and considering you as an outkast.

    We don't like each other, because you already said it. "Unfortunately........do not like each other".
    Its an never ending difference.

    There is a Book of life and a Biological clock.
    For those ppl. who shut dem selves out about life existence. Yes there is no Book you life.
  • protozoa29 6y

    whether you Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Orange or whatsover.

    Your from Africa..
  • ||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||, 6y

    you may talk like a "rastafari" for a hundred years but what I see, hear when I'm out even for a minute does not

    I've never been to africa, I'm from anatolia... and if I permit myself your rhetoric, I may even say that you too are from anatolia. and okinava too, Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Orange or whatsover are all from anatolia.

    wait... how stupid does that sound?

    using science to support your beliefs, eh? a cheap and extremely popular sport?
  • Okinawa Soba (Rob) PRO 6y

    PROTOZOA --- Thanks for the comments.

    Scientists, Biologists, and Anthropologists all put me in a box with the label "CAUCASIAN" on it. However, when I'm taking a shower, I noticed that I am more like a "WHITE MAN --- WITH SPOTS AND FRECKLES" !

    The same Scientists tell me that, yes, my mitochondrial DNA goes straight back to Black Africa.

    I love my mother, and acknowledge her womb, although I have no intention of going back there !

    I might have been Black, but...so what ? It's only a little pigment a few millimeters deep on the skin. I can take it or leave it. Wear it or shed it. I cannot be preoccupied with skin color, Africa, or what God might look like --- if I ever have the chance to meet Her.

    Out of Africa...Out of the Womb... It is now time to grow, crush and eliminate the superstition and ignorance that we have all passed through in humanity's childhood, and, while making some feeble attempt to "civilize" ourselves, keep one eye on the unfolding universe.

    On my way out of Africa on the journey to America, I most recently spent several millennium in what is now called Europe, and my last name (Oechsle) comes from Germany.

    And, I have a little bit of Native American in me, too, which makes me part...ASIAN....who also came out of Africa !

    These days, there are deeper mysteries of life, existence, and the very nature of light, matter, energy, and the Universe that beckon me on.

    With that, I guess you can tell that I am TOTALLY not into "Race", "Color", "National Origins", "Bloodline"....and don't even give a damn about someone's "Sexual Orientation".

    I do keep one eye on someone's "Culture" in the event it starts raping or maiming women, subjugating the notion of Equality of Human Rights for both Male and Female, or engaging in Religious and Social hypocrisy to the point where it gets out of hand and needs to be smacked around or plowed under.

    I take this same attitude toward the USA and JAPAN (my two "homes"), and AFRICA and the rest of the planet as well --- while preferring membership the more forward-looking community of those people in the world who are focused on the scientific and mathematical disciplines, and....music...and those who know how to build a good amusement park Dark Ride ! And fortunately, Africa is also home to many such souls who are members of this Community.

    For the moment, though, I am headed out for a walk in the woods where I am now staying in Pennsylvania --- and am fully prepared to get mauled by a Bear who is totally indifferent to the as-yet-unsolved mysteries of the unfolding universe.


    PS. So nobody takes my comments the wrong way (and even if you do), let me clearly say that I have no problems with the thought of moving to Africa, and even spending 10 years there living in and exploring all of the beautiful places there are to see....and meeting those amongst the Africans who can teach me many things I don't yet know.

    Africa is rich in natural beauty and heart-moving wonders. However, wanting to go to Africa as a tourist, or as an explorer wanting to discover and be moved at the natural wonders it holds (or the cities and towns that might be safe for anyone at any time) has no relationship to someone wanting to go there because they place a "sacred" value on the continent simply because our DNA's great-great-great (and etc) grandparents came from there.

    That is to say, I do not worship Africa, just as I do not worship the womb of my own mother.

    Further, "Africa" is not a "Country". It is a "Continent" made up of numerous tribes and nations --- some better than others as to social structure, culture and traditions, general safety, racial issues, religion, and Human Rights. The land, its people, and its roots are no more sacred than my own mother's womb. I love my mother, but she is neither scared, nor a God.

    Only Africa's natural beauty (where it remains unspoiled), and the cities and villages where we can visit in peace and safety, is what is worthy of our attention and praise --- as it should be in any Nation of the world.

    NOTE : It is now July 2010 --- ten months since the above comment. In spite of the fact that I have always had no intention of visiting Africa (for a number of reasons --- including some really stupid ones), my white relatives finally dragged me there kicking and screaming (so to speak) for a visit to Uganda, "The Pearl of Africa"....where I met a whole passel of those who are now my Black-African in-laws, and where I had my brain and heart stretched to a whole new level of meaningful existence. I would be more than happy to return ! Ha ! So much for my former position of having no interest in returning to the womb of my mitochondrial past !
  • Tom Auer 5y

    Great shot, and isn't it great how thought provoking it is, i had fun reading all the comments. I would only be adding fuel to the fire, which looks long gone, but, -- who cares. I mean, the seed of growth of each 'race' has been dropped in different parts of the geographic world, we adapted, and grew into our own unique tree, branching off into new different fields of adaptation and change - evolving to our environment. If everywhere was just like the African continent, we might have all been similarly built physically as our current African descendants - of course, culturally we would be very different based on distance and isolation. Social studies and all that are like philosophy, we just can't fully wrap our heads around it i reckon, i mean, theirs way too many angles coming at us at the same time to make one general conclusion.

    I like anthropology and social studies, it interests me where people have come from, and how we have developed and created a new thing with what we had, especially this topic as its of personal importance to what my heritage is. I don't think it will solve wars or save any starving children, but it will highlight how we are all human still, and how freaken amazing the world is. Thats my opinion on all this! if it makes any sense. I think i am just rambling, your uploads always get me thinking hahah
  • Okinawa Soba (Rob) PRO 5y

    Tom ! Hey, the old fires never go out around here. The embers just burn low until the wind kicks them up again. It's interesting that a PHILIPPINES photo is behind getting the comments going on this subject. I enjoyed your comment, as I am in agreement with you. It's weird, bet every time these subjects are discussed, I get that urge to visit the Philippines again, and explore the mysteries that those islands hold !
  • Tom Auer 5y

    You should re-visit! The old embers still burn in the Philippines, as hard as it is to believe, scenes like this do still exist in the Philippines, its harder to find, and you won't see it in lonely planet - that is because the few people that do adventure and dive deep into the countryside do not want to lose what is left. Theirs never been a better time mate, Low cost carriers are killing it with their fares!

    I have some interesting scans of a book regarding Visayan pre-colonial history, religion, language and law, thanks to a nice guy who goes by the name of Hokulani, he has some great videos and research on Austronesians and Negrito's, and the links to other cultures, Indonesia and the Pacific. I think he actually works in this field... and has links to the Museum of the Philippines and such organizations that deal with this.You can see his channel here on youtube, www.youtube.com/user/hokulani78 , if you are interested.. I found it very very interesting.

    Their are many mystery's in the Philippines. Good and bad. hahah

  • Ishreh Masayon 4y

    It is very interesting to visit your collections. I learn something new about our aborigine. Mabuhay ka Okinawa Soba !
  • Okinawa Soba (Rob) PRO 4y

    The Philippines is the most interesting place I have ever been to !
  • tessalol 4y

    Hey, you're a cool guy! :)) You're interested about our country even if youre not from here. Well, visit us soon okay? :) - Tessa
  • Okinawa Soba (Rob) PRO 4y

    The Philippines is an amazing place ~ !
  • norman King 2y

    It is nice to read all the comments and arguments you had here in just a historic photo of an aeta. I say, we Aeta are now different from the way we are before. Things change, but we can't leave the old good days of hunting. I, myself, a proud aeta, always look back and do the old good things. Good thing theres internet right now and I can conversate with all of you in just a matter of time. There's so much to learn about our culture. If you want to learn or experience them, you can find me somewhere on the internet. :)
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