They certainly look harmless.


A PRIEST on the left, and an actor dressed as a GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL from the very OLD days of Japan.


Here we see them sitting around and playing the game of "GO", while colluding as guardians and protectors of the stone-age religious "faith" that says half the population of the planet --- all of the the WOMEN, that is --- are ritually impure human beings because they menstruate.


Yeah, right.


One look at their goofy hats, and you KNOW you never have to take them, or their petty little "women-are-impure" religious doctrines seriously again.


Just enjoy the architecture of their Shrines and Torii gates --- and, if you are a "Goofy Hat Freak", you can enjoy the religion on that level, too !


But for anything more, remember that appreciating SHINTO is like enjoying fried chicken at a Baptist "pot luck" dinner --- you EAT THE MEAT and SPIT OUT THE BONES.


Never forget that these fellows and their little "creeds" were a major force in getting the Japanese populace to see themselves (the men, at least) as the "Supreme Race of the World", which formed the backbone and psyche of Japan's Militaristic rise during the first half of the 20th Century. Shinto had it's inbred tentacles (and testicles, too) putting its stamp of approval on the forceful take-over of most of the countries of Asia, and finally the bombing of Pearl Harbor.


They have never "repented" of their ways, and today, at YASUKUNI SHRINE, the Shintoists put on a great multimedia presentation that paints Japan's attempted take-over of the world (read : Nazis of the Far East) as a good and righteous thing, and that America, China, and the rest of Asia was WRONG in their attempts to stop Japan from fulfilling their manifest destiny as the cruel and heartless rulers of (at least) ALL ASIA.


Further, Japanese Shinto, in collusion with Sumo, makes sure that EVEN TODAY there is NO professional recognition of WOMEN'S SUMO --- because women menstruate. For some odd reason, their petty little "gods" of nature seem to frown on......nature.


Speaking of GOOFY HATS, don't think I'm letting the ZEN BUDDHISTS off the hook here, either :


Now that we've got THAT out of the way, on to more pleasant scenes of old Japan......


日下部 金兵衛 (1841 - 1934)


  • emilio camarin 7y

    Hola, soy el administrador de un grupo llamado Realidad Ficticia y nos encantaría agregar esto al grupo.
  • David J Morgan 7y

    Your photo collection is very impressive. Every time I check my contacts photos, I'm now keen to see a new one of yours. Great fun.
  • Latoia Patton 7y

    wow, interesting! yea the headdresses are a bit. . .different.
  • QueenXs 7y

    Reminds me of Mathew Barney and Bjork!!
  • Agneta Von Aisaider 7y

    wonderful, as usual
  • Lambro Vassiliadis 7y

    well, lets not forget that whatever is female, not even chikens, are not allowed at mount athos, greece, because to the monks they are impure!
    and the year is 2008!
  • Lambro Vassiliadis 7y

    forgot to say how you make our life, here at fliker, much more interesting
    thank you from the deep of my heart
  • Okinawa Soba (Rob) 7y

    Hi Lambro -- Not even Chickens ???? What this world really needs is a RELIGION made by women, with a lot of rules that exclude MEN from everything, simply because we men can be real ass*holes 99% of the time ! Of course, if women DID make such a religion, men would immediately destroy it......because that's what we do best -- destroy things !
  • Latoia Patton 7y

    Yep, Okinawa_Soba, here come the cheap shots! At least you're on the women's side. You'd be banished out of "Impure woman" Japan :(
  • Lambro Vassiliadis 7y

    oh yes, nor chikens nor female rabbits!
    I would agree with you in letting women rule
    at least to see what they might do
    actually, I have become very skeptic about the whole human nature
    see ourselves so destructive and utterly fools!
  • Adam 7y

    Bad joke:

    Priest 1 - You go...
    Priest 2 - No, you go...
    Priest 1 - I said GO!
    /cheesy humor
  • Okinawa Soba (Rob) 7y

    Hi Budda ! As you know, my photothread is devoted to cheesy humor, so you are in the clear !!! ~ ;-)
  • abej2004 7y

    Gosh you really have a chip on your shoulder over religious heirarchy, Mr. Soba, That still happens to this day in the US of A too, look at the tele-evangelists, everytime I hear Joel Olsteen or pass a mega church I cringe. What about In the Arab world where the men play backgammon while the women work in the fields and take care of the children and keep house and cook? well the world goes on, there will always be the floating class, the echelon, the foam that gets all the glory with no work, Deal with it, some of Japan's best paintings are visions of the floating world.
  • Okinawa Soba (Rob) 7y

    Hi Abe ! Chip on my shoulder ? Hell no. It's more like a Bazooka...aimed at every religious leader who falls within my sights. I rarely bother the silent, nominal followers though. I have to deal with religion every day in Japan. My office is next to a Buddhist temple that is always holding funerals...and blocking traffic to no end.

    Since I'm posting mostly Japanese stuff here, their Basket Heads and other white-robed silliness gets the attention (when the photos show such things).

    However, I am an equal opportunity cringer (just like you are), and when I start posting any USA stuff, Joel Olsteen and the rest of the tele-Evangelists will get both barrels leveled right at them.

    I can't take them all on at once. It's one caption at a time here !

    Keep in mind that flickr is 99% kind to these religious folks, fawning and preening over their cultural wonderfulness. I am way out-numbered in my comments, which only serve to add meaningless balance to the already lopsided consciousness in their favor.

    Voices of negative opinion and dissent within a Democracy concerning religious aspects of the society, are rarely heard in these days of 'Political Correctness". If comments such as mine were blocked or disallowed, we'd be in big trouble. As the Bumper Sticker says, "DEMOCRACY WITHOUT DISSENT IS CALLED FASCISM".

    This dissent can be expressed as not only opinions against the Government (such as John McCain and Barak Obama are doing every day in their campaign criticisms of a "Corrupt Washington DC"), but also against the "sacred institutions" of society that the Government gives TAX EXEMPT status to -- for example, RELIGION.

    As much as they have their right to exist in Japan and the USA, I have just as much right to wag my verbal finger at them in a flickr caption.

    If I say. "In my opinion, Shinto is a beautiful religion rooted in the culture and traditions of ancient Japan", everybody smiles and is happy. But if I rephrase that and say, "In my opinion, Shinto is a stone-age crock of bull run by a bunch of old Jingoists", then everybody jumps. Why is that ??? Why are "postive" opinions approved of without question, but not the "negative" ones ?

    Why do people not question POSITIVE comments made about an institution, yet feel offended on their behalf when a NEGATIVE comment is expressed ?

    And further, is it necessary to preface every negative comment with "In my opinion...." ? When discussing things of these nature, "Opinion" is automatically assumed.

    For example, "Rapists should all die and rot in Hell". That's exactly what I think, but I don't have to say "That is my opinion".

    Hitler got where he did because outside opinion treaded too lightly. Religion also, if not kept in its place, and roped off from its natural tendencies to interfere with the policies of what should be (or claims to be) a Democracy (like Japan and the USA), will wind up destroying the very nation that protects its freedom to exist.

    As for the Arabs you mention, they will all have their time to get peeled like an onion.

    Again, every time I write a caption here, the REST OF WHAT YOU MENTION is understood to exist, and there is no need for me to delineate in a 25 foot long commentary --- each and every time --- the similar stupidities of the rest of the world in the same breath as the immediate comments about the asinine Shintoists of Japan.


    "Some of Japan's best paintings are visions of the floating world".

    Ok...and ?

    Some of the greatest and innovative works of cinematography are XXX Porno. So what ?

    Great paintings ONLY verify the talent of the ARTIST that produced them....they in NO WAY endorse the content of the subject matter being portrayed. That's true of anything in this world.

    I can tell by your remark that you "cringe" at the Tele-Evangelists that, like me, they don't sit well with your inner psyche. Great !

    That makes TWO OF US that just have to...."Deal with it" !!!

    And that is my opinion on the matter !

    Now excuse me as return to my bazooka.


    PS. Fourth paragraph of this photo caption :
    BASKETS n' BUCKETS n' BROOMS, OH MY !!! by Okinawa Soba (Rob)
  • Lambro Vassiliadis 7y

    dear mr abj2004, I think you never went to an arab country
    things are not as you say
    I was born and grew in egypt and can assure you that if there are such couples as you say they are the same that you find in your western world too dont preach of things you just heard about
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