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NOTE: Although this is not in the Philippines, I am adding it to the OLD PHILIPPINES set due to the Philippine-connected caption I've written below.




I love this pic. It was originally shot with a stereo camera 80 to 100 years ago. The composition works well in both 2-D and 3-D. The farther away the kids get, the more they start looking like ants on a twig.


Photographer unknown to me, but I have an original print. By the way, ALL images on my flickr stream that are from made from both full and half-stereoviews (such as above) are direct CONTACT PRINTS from a 5 x 7 inch glass negative. Darkroom enlargers were never used to make these.






[NOTE. Yes, I know I write a lot of silly fiction in some of my goofier captions, but the following is extracted from a real conversation with a real girl from the Philippines]


Whenever I see this photo, it brings to mind a girl I once met......


Years ago, I was sitting in a "Filipina Bar" in Okinawa, Japan, having a drink with one of the older women (she looked about....28?) who was complaining to me about the younger women in the bar (they were all about....18 to 22) and how times had changed in the Philippines.


She: "I can't believe some of the girls here. They are totally helpless. They don't even know how to climb coconut trees."


Me: "Huh? I mean....they don't?"


"Well, what are you going to do when you are thirsty?"




"When I'm thirsty, I just climb right up a coconut tree, knock down a coconut, break it open, and get a drink. Can you believe the other girls here don't know how to do that!?"


Me [Starting to sweat] : "Mmmm...uhhhh.... yeah, that's hard to believe...."


"They are so spoiled these days. They wait around till they get some money, then go to the store and BUY a drink. Unbelievable!..."


" are a good climber? I mean, you are walking along, and when you are thirsty, you just climb the nearest coconut tree?"


"Of COURSE. Any NORMAL person does that. But not these spoiled girls."


Me [now sweating more profusely]: " you wear sneakers?"


"No. Just take off your shoes and go right up. Anybody knows that."


Me [Hoping to turn the conversation before she finds out that I'm just another useless male] : "Well, what ELSE can't these other young bar girls do ?"


"Well, for starters, they don't even know how to BREATH FIRE. Can you believe one of them actually burned her hair while doing it!?"


"No Way! [gulp]. about about you?"


"Of COURSE I know how, I'm a licensed Fire Breather. Those other girls are so dumb they couldn't even pass the test"


With that, she picked up three pieces of fruit from a bowl on the counter, and started to juggle them high in the air, while changing the subject to something I was more familiar with.....


"Can you buy me another drink?"


Me [totally in love] : "Sure !"




One more :


On several occasions while sitting with Filipina in their bars on Okinawa, after a few rounds of drinks, I have had the following humorous exchange (usually without much variation) and always initiated by the bar girls themselves...


FILIPINA [speaking preemptively]: Ya' know, you're really a nice guy, and I'd really like to go out with you, but since you're a MARRIED MAN, I really can't do that.


OKINAWA_SOBA : Wait a minute. You have three kids, all of them by different MARRIED men. And since I've been coming to this bar, I've also noticed that you've been dating nothing but MARRIED MEN. So.....


FILIPINA : Oh. Well...that's different. THOSE married men are all GOOD LOOKING.









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