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SIMPLE POSE OF SEATED GEISHA IN WHITE -- Daydreaming in the Realm of Mathematical Theory? Probably Not. | by Okinawa Soba (Rob)
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SIMPLE POSE OF SEATED GEISHA IN WHITE -- Daydreaming in the Realm of Mathematical Theory? Probably Not.

Nothing special at all about this photo. The pose, the dress, the lighting -- all as basic and forgettable as you can get.


BUT.... What if she was the first person in the world to confound every bastion of mathematics and general academia by both "squaring the circle" and "trisecting the angle" following the “Traditional Euclidean Method” of using only a straightedge and compass, while at the same unifying the exact values for pi in the circumference, diagonals, and intersecting arcs in both operations.....and that her several pages of exquisite calculations and irrefutable proofs were unfortunately all destroyed in the Great Earthquake of 1923 ?


Ok, ok..... So.....she couldn't solve those impossible problems. But, neither could Einstein.


Anyway...... she looks pretty tame here, but was probably a real wild card once she put her Kimono --- and got a couple of beers in her. It's always the "quiet ones".


When the word "GEISHA" is used, the mind automatically sees her in character, and in full dress wearing a Japanese kimono. However, a Geisha [her job and profession] was what she was 24 hours a day -- no matter what she was wearing.


Part of being a GEISHA was modeling for the photographer. They were hired on a regular basis to "entertain" the photo-viewing public by appearing in all manner of dress and character. This could be anything from a "Hillbilly Housewife" to a "Bathing Beauty" in the latest swim-wear fashions. Or, in the case of pictures in this group -- visions of the exotic "Occident", or simply an ethereal creation of the Photographer.


No matter what, when the sun went down, and the Studio skylights grew dim, she would be back at her "Geisha House" donning her beautiful kimono, classic hairstyle, and white face in preparation for a busy night working hard at her true profession.


These old pics are from a shoe box full of Late-Meiji and Early-Taisho era images (1900-1920) showing Japanese girls in a range of atypical poses and dress.


Regrettably, Photographers unknown.

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Uploaded on June 7, 2008