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LIFE AS IT WAS IN OLD JAPAN -- Dining on "Yuka" in the Shade of Old Sanjo Bridge, KYOTO | by Okinawa Soba (Rob)
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LIFE AS IT WAS IN OLD JAPAN -- Dining on "Yuka" in the Shade of Old Sanjo Bridge, KYOTO

You are arriving under the bridge seen in this flickr photo :


Ca.1898. Here, photographer Enami has climbed down under the bridge to capture a more intimate, deep 3-D scene of people having lunch in the shade of the bridge, the cool waters of the river flowing inches below their make-shift raised dining-platforms called "Yuka".


Here's the RAW, UNTRANSPOSED 3-D version for "cross-eyed" free-viewing, or for conversion to any other 3-D format you'd like to play with :


Although such fleeting arrangements were often swept away, the floodwaters would rarely reach the electric lights strung above, and the people would return again to the shade. Today, river regulations have sadly done away with this under-the-bridge world of dining over the river. They do have a STARBUCKS Coffee Shop near the Bridge, though...and lots of other "safe" places to eat, too. But....somehow, it just ain't as good as "the good old days".


For a related view of four Maiko on similar platforms erected on the nearby banks of the Kamo River, see :





However, TO THEIR CREDIT, the City Planners and River Engineers DID LEAVE enough under-space by the abutments for a river-walk, allowing you to get out of the rain, or hang out under the bridge drinking beer with your friends all night ! See this flickr photo for a good TODAY shot of this spot, albeit from a different angle :


Also, If you search"everyone's pnotos" using key words SANJO BRIDGE, you will instantly see a ton of good shots from all angles.


NOTE: Concerning the LIGHT BULBS you see hanging : Japan began the manufacture of light bulbs in 1890. Heading up the endeavor to bring this invention to Japan was a young Japanese man who had met Edison in the USA some years before, and was determined that JAPAN should manufacture their own bulbs, rather than import them. It was only a short string of companies that led from the first light bulb to the establishment of TOSHIBA ELECTRONICS.


For more about the adventuresome photographer that went down under the bridge, see :


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Uploaded on April 27, 2008