OLD KOREA - LAND OF THE MORNING CALM -- Korean Girls Testing a New "Short Drop" Parachute Design

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    These are Umbrellas or Parasols -- and what a pain in the butt....er, hands. No switching hands, and hard to carry anything else while using both hands to hold on to these. Of course, they COULD be flipped over to carry a load of cabbage and chickens on the way home. Flickr poster wonyi2000de and his cousin actually ID'd the above as the umbrella/parasol thing. Thanks, guys !

    Ca.1900 image by an unknown photographer. Also see : www.flickr.com/photos/24443965@N08/2419972934/

    They are NOT related to these guys in Japan : www.flickr.com/photos/24443965@N08/sets/72157604414628141/

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    1. saimo_mx70 84 months ago | reply

      Hi Soba-sama,

      Isn't it great that back then they were already putting safety first! If I was testing one of those new fangled parachute dresses the first thing I'd reach for was the biggest helmet available! :)

    2. Okinawa Soba 84 months ago | reply

      Ha ! Good one ! I'm still waiting for an answer from someone who really knows about how these upside-down bean-sprout baskets were used, and if they were used by only one class of women, or anybody, and was it for shade, or modesty, or "class custom", or whatever. Until then, we can stick to the parachute-dress "safety helmet" theory !

    3. Elf-Y 84 months ago | reply

      can't really tell from the photos whether the baskets were attached to the heads of the carriers. i thought the baskets were just that - baskets - and being carried by the women perhaps on the way to the fields to bring something back in them

    4. Okinawa Soba 84 months ago | reply

      I have seen many like this. Seems to be a middle to upper class "Parasol". The girls using them are always dressed in finery, not like laboring women in the fields. However, you could be right. I have no firm answer, and Google was of no help at all.

    5. WGK STUDIO 83 months ago | reply

      Hi folks! One thing what i found out is for sure, that those girls are not going to the fields. Look at their shoes! Those are expensive rubber shoes for upper class. But i guess those are sun-protector-helmet...
      Anyways! Today i will be visited by some koreans from Korea.
      I will check it out and come back asap!!

    6. Okinawa Soba 83 months ago | reply

      There are many things in the Korea photos I posted that I do not understand. I visited Korea once back in the 90s, and enjoyed the place and its people (like you!) very much. Korea and Okinawa used to be good friends and trading partners long ago -- and both of our countries did not like Japan at that time (Japan was always wanting war rather than cooperation and trade, and always meddling in everybody else's peaceful business). But, I still love the old images, and want to learn about some "strange" things in the content -- like the baskets the girls are holding. It must be a very old custom -- umbrellas/parasols are so much easier ! On the other hand, you could flip those baskets over, and use them to carry a lot of stuff, too.

    7. WGK STUDIO 83 months ago | reply

      You are right! Those are parasols and umbrellas used by young ladies in past Korea. My cousin from Korea told me some minutes ago. Wow!!! I didnt know that Okinawa was an independent kingdom till 1879!!! Thats very interesting!!!!! I love historical things like your old photos and historical stories! Because we can learn a lot of things from past for our future and give them futher to our children.

    8. son2077 69 months ago | reply

      우와~ 멀 저렇게 덥어쓰고,,어딜가나바요,,,

    9. cuvycuv 66 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called The One One Four, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    10. Elmer I. Nocheseda ng Pateros 63 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called SaLaKoT, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    11. hisui (jade green) 58 months ago | reply


      After reading those comments on the above photograph, the only thing that I could understand is the woman on the right is a happy mother who has a baby boy.

    12. Okinawa Soba 58 months ago | reply

      HisuiJADE --- On this photostream, you comment fits perfectly ! ;-)

      Thanks for the nice link. I instinctively put my head down to get a better view under her blouse, and ended up banging my head on the computer keyboard !

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