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OIRAN -- QUEEN OF THE PROSTITUES -- or, Setting an Example For the Young Girls of Old Japan (#6) | by Okinawa Soba (Rob)
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OIRAN -- QUEEN OF THE PROSTITUES -- or, Setting an Example For the Young Girls of Old Japan (#6)

[SAME CAPTION #1 - #5) Ca.1900-1915 photos of "Japan's Finest"....Prostitutes, that is.


NOTE !!! The below caption, while historically accurate, contains sarcastic commentary about a certain aspect of Japan's glorified culture of prostitution. If sarcastic commentary about such a delicate subject is not your "thing", and offense is easily taken, I would advise you to avoid the below caption, and read a more SERIOUS commentary about the OIRAN and TAYUU here at this photo :


Called 'Courtesans" by those who don't like the word "Prostitute", Oiran is just another half-baked Japanese euphemism for "A Prostitute that Costs More than Other Prostitutes"...or in more eloquent terms, she is simply a "Damn Expensive Call Girl".


"Call Girl" ? That's right.


In fact, at certain times in Japan's illustrious history, she was put on public parade, as she walked from her bordello over to the the nearby "Hotel" where her wealthy "Patron" was waiting (after he had called her over via a perfunctory letter of invitation).


And of course, Japan being Japan, she had her little parade of "future hopefuls" tag right along with her -- as seen in this picture, and many others that I've posted. Nowadays, they refer back to these little prostitutes-in-the making with the more politically correct "Ladies in Waiting", "Servant Girls", "Personal Assistants", "Pages", and what have you.


In the Japanese language, these child "Prostitute Understudies" were called KAMURO, and were generally sold off to the brothels by their parents at the age of 5 or 6 to be RAISED AND TRAINED SPECIFICALLY TO BE PROSTITUTES. They actually got down to the business of doing what men expected them to do during what Westerners would call the "Middle School Years" --- MINUS THE "SCHOOL" PART OF IT.


Well, they must have done a good Job, as Japanese "cultural pride" in this area has not abated, and there seems to be more prostitutes in Japan today then there ever were back then -- albeit the "official age" for engaging in prostitution is now 18. Please note that any and all "Anti-Prostitution Laws" of modern-day Japan are simply a facade to appease "Western Christian Nations" and United Nations members with whom Japan has political and economic ties. However, ADULT PROSTITUTION is not the focus of this caption.


In the meantime, it's too bad they quit the Public Parade thing with all the little girls trailing behind (ahem) "MISS CONGENIALITY" like little ducklings.


Oh, NO ! Who will the poor little girls of Japan turn to for a Role Model now ?


But WAIT ! ALL IS NOT LOST ! Fortunately (?), some "re-creations" are still done in Kyoto and other hot-spots, where the die-hard "Cultural" types of local male citizenry try to hang onto those sweet memories of the good-old-days. You when When FATHERS SOLD THEIR DAUGHTERS INTO PROSTITUTION !


These "LET'S PRESERVE OUR QUESTIONABLE CULTURE" nuts (some of them possibly connected to the Department of Education) occasionally get one of the local Bar Girls to put on a big wig full of shoe-horns and Lincoln-Logs (along with the appropriate foot-high clod-hoppers and three layers of bed-quilts), and strut her stuff for the picture-taking tourists....... as she carries the Banner of Erotic Love into the 21st Century.


OH....did I just say NO MORE little girls join in with these ""Prostitute Culture Festivals" of today ??? OOOPS !!! Well, I can't always be right, you know ! See some colorful, MODERN-DAY "Get-'em-Hooked-While-They're-Young" photos right here on flickr -- just a few of many such photos to be found :








And even a 3-D OIRAN here !!!


and other related flickr pics with a search of the word OIRAN.


Here are some interesting links :


......and GOD BLESS JAPAN.


EXTRA BONUS LINK !!! For a modern-day, popular family festival that was once popular with prostitutes here in Japan, please go here and be enlightened :

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Taken on April 3, 2008