MASTER TEACHES TWO GEISHA THE GAME OF "GO" -- Relaxing with a Board Game in Old Japan

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    [From a series of ca.1870s-90s images on old Glass Lantern-Slides, photographer unknown to me]

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    1. dschinny2001 84 months ago | reply

      I think this one might be mirrored as well. I noticed when I put this picture full screen as my wallpaper. (See how I love your collection?)

      Look at the seated girl's collar and more skirt: the overlap that should show in that position is missing, while his is showing. He isn't old enough to be dressed in a left right-over-left... The standing girl's more likely to move the uchiwa with her right hand and the front seam of her kimono in on the wrong side. Is that an envelope in her sleeve, visible through the summer sheer silk?

      You might want to flip it, but take in the beautiful composition again... maybe the developer wasn't drunk but liked it better this way?

      I feel there is openess in the top left corner as well as a center of gravity towards the bottom right corner... like in many traditional japanese painting.

    2. Okinawa Soba 84 months ago | reply

      dschinny2001....alas, all I had to do was read your first sentence, look at the picture, and instantly see the "flip" as well. I was looking at the room as a whole -- my in-laws house in Japan is set up as the picture is printed here, with hanging scroll on the RIGHT, cabinet work on the LEFT -- so I let it go "as is" without closer scrutiny. I am gong to have to go back and check the originals. There is a possibility that, as I tossed the old glass lantern-slides on the light box to copy them, I inadvertently flipped this one (and others?). I am usually careful to check orientation before copying, because sometimes even the slide mounters back during the Meiji-era got their own work wrong as well. The girl peeling the apple was from a print, so that was their mistake...however, the above may be mine. This is the second "heads up" from you on this matter, so I will have to REALLY watch it from now on as I toss my scans up on flickr. I seriously doubt the girl with the uchiwa is a "lefty", but that would have slipped by me as well, as both my Dad and brother are "lefties", and my eyes are used to that (without noticing anything amiss). I myself have recently caught TWO flipped pictures in two new 2006 books having old pictures of Japan. I caught them and you caught me ! Thanks again for your good observations. Just to show you that I AM on the ball (uhhh..sometimes), please look here for another image post where I have pointed out the same "transposing problems" that popped up in one big publishers Japan set back in 1904

    3. Elmer I. Nocheseda ng Pateros 69 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called PAYPAY, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    4. Okinawa Soba 61 months ago | reply

      mm i think so, too

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