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CAGED PROSTITUTES -- The Lowest Order of the Japanese Brothel System (#3), or, HOW TO PRETEND YOU HAVE "FREEDOM OF CHOICE" | by Okinawa Soba (Rob)
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CAGED PROSTITUTES -- The Lowest Order of the Japanese Brothel System (#3), or, HOW TO PRETEND YOU HAVE "FREEDOM OF CHOICE"

Ca.1890-1900. Of the many views that show Caged Prostitutes in Japan, this is perhaps the most interesting. When showing it to friends in Japan, they explained it anecdotally to me this way.........


(1) The prospective customer --- seen here with his pipe --- gawks at the inmates until he settles on whoever turns him on.


(2) He lights the long tobacco pipe in his hand, and passes it through the bars to her.


(3) If her feminine sixth sense tells her he will probably be OK (and NOT some Sadistic bastard who will smack her around and beat the crap out of her), she will


(4) take a puff on his pipe as a sign she will accept his temporary patronage, and then


(5) pass the pipe back through the bars to him to seal the deal.


(6) They immediately head off to the back room where he will...uhhh... pop his little weasel in two minutes or less [well, Ok... 5 minutes], while she pretends to have an orgasm.


And you fans of Hollywood fiction probably thought that Native American Indians and their so-called "Peace Pipes" were the only ones who did business like this.


NOTE : Another old source relates that things also work the other way around. That is, the guy first points out the girl he wants to have sex with, and if she thinks he's OK, then she lights her own pipe and sends it out through the bars for him to puff on.


SEE IT HERE (The old caption directly under the photo in the posted image itself) :


The variations to this might be many. But, you now get the point behind the photo, and the meaningful place the pipe held while "doing business" in the brothel districts of old Japan.






Further discussion on some HOT BUTTON ISSUES about these girls in Japan and Asia is given at the first CAGED PROSTITUTE photograph here




For a modern-day, popular family festival that was once popular with prostitutes here in Japan, please follow this "anatomically correct" link and be enlightened :

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Taken on November 4, 2007