PRESENT -- Village of Negishi (More like a City Now!) and (what used to be) "Mississippi Bay" Just South of Yokohama in the 21st Century (#2 of Two Photos)

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    Compare this photo with the antique view (picture #1 link at the very bottom of this caption) to see what has happened to the town (and the Ocean!) after 120 years. Actually, it was only about 50 years ago that the land-fill and build-up began to transform the old scene.

    You can still see the white cliffs of "Cape Honmoku" poking their tops above the distant curve of the elevated expressway. The old coastline is now traced by a 4-lane surface road, clearly seen running through the village in the foreground -- now a small city. [Use the "ALL SIZES" button and pick "ORIGINAL" to see it better].

    Photo by me, taken Nov 2006. I used a slightly shorter focal length lens than what was used for the Meiji-era order to grab the expanse of the landfill. Even then, the buildup that runs to the distant horizon continues off to the right of the picture.

    Here's some nice photos of some shell-picking and 'rickshaw activity on or near the tidal flats that are now covered up by the "progress" seen in the above image :

    If the 'BEFORE" shot (#1) didn't show up with this one in your search results, here it is :

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    1. Elf-Y 85 months ago | reply

      eye-opening comparison between old and new. this pattern is repeated worldwide - where there is a will, there is a highway.

    2. Tokis-Phoenix 85 months ago | reply

      Wow...Its such a shame that the old beauty of the shore was destroyed to make this monstrosity.

    3. Du Rêve!! 85 months ago | reply

      Must... get... time machine...

    4. kurokojpn 80 months ago | reply

      outstanding mix...I am now working with people who will do something similar to central Tokyo....egads...

    5. spaewaif 67 months ago | reply

      I was in this area recently and had to stand up and look around for a while trying to imagine what a beautiful coastal area it must have been.
      Even now,there are enough traces to help you picture it if you look closely.
      I agree with the fact that it is a monster.However,Japan is not alone in this.
      Most industrial cities by the sea began only recently to look back again to their sea heritage.
      For some,partial recovery has been/will be possible.
      For many,we will have to be contented with the beautiful photos of old.
      It is the price we have paid for modernity and/or capitalism.

    6. Okinawa Soba (Rob) 67 months ago | reply

      SPAEWAIF --- You are 100 % right. Japan is certainly not alone in these matters of turning their coastlines into functioning land-fills....for better or worse.

      But, since Japan is the heart of my photostream, these pairs will get posted....only to show that the places where the tourists, artists, and photographers once flocked to in droves, are now completely ignored by them as "progress" works hard to take away all of these vistas, coves, and hidden groves.

      I especially lament the disappearance of vistas such as this :

      Here is a THEN and NOW Pair. Hit the link at the bottom :

      THEN and NOW SET :

      My own home of Okinawa has suffered the same losses in many places.

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