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JAPANESE SWIMSUIT GIRLS - Meiji Era Bathing Beauties of Old Japan (27)

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NEWS FLASH --- Okinawa Soba's old Geisha and Maiko BATHING BEAUTIES make the latest issue of the United Kingdom's DAILY MAIL Online News. The Mail had my permission, and "Okinawa Soba" was given due credit for the collection. However, they forgot to provide a link back to the Flickr Set.


Long Live the Queen ~ !

[My daughter spotted the MAIL's posting while surfing the Web. Thanks, Naomi ~ !]

♥ FULL SET and MORE DETAILS HERE : www.flickr.com/photos/24443965@N08/sets/72157604130143141...

PS : HERE WE GO AGAIN ~ ! environmentalgraffiti.com/news-meiji-era-geisha-pose-swim...

Cheers ~ !



ABOVE IMAGE ENLARGED HERE : www.flickr.com/photos/24443965@N08/2336937010/sizes/o/

Her Geisha name is Miss KOMAN.

In 1904, out of thousands of Geisha in the Tokyo area, she was considered by Japanese writer and poet YONE NOGUCHI to be one of the top five in popularity, commanding top price to entertain you, and having legions of adoring fans who could only hope to catch a glimpse of her.

Part of a Geisha's job was to model for photographers in all kinds of get-ups --- including getting half naked in a tub, dressing like a common housewife or farm girl, and even donning these nice old bathing suits --- all of them to be sold to tourists as album views and postcards.

PHOTO NOTE : Hand-colored silver print photo, ca.1905. Repaired and invisibly "watermarked" for posting on Flickr. There is at least one other image of her from this session were she is lying down on the floor of this studio set. The original photo carried no photographer credit, but was possibly taken by K. OGAWA who was also known to have photographed her in her street clothes :

KOMAN SITTING ON A BENCH : www.flickr.com/photos/24443965@N08/3329199959/




RANDOM SOBA : www.flickriver.com/photos/24443965@N08/sets/

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  1. Coleoptera collector 66 months ago | reply

    this one really looks a bit funny.

  2. Okinawa Soba 66 months ago | reply

    One man's funny is another man's HOT STUFF !

  3. Okinawa Soba 63 months ago | reply

    47 --- I agree !

    By the way, I noticed that you just joined flickr. Do you have any photos of Japan (old or new) that you can start posting. Or, are you just looking for now ? In any case, if you have some pix, we'd love to see them !

  4. chatka2004 61 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Picture World et insolite, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    Nice shot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. happy vampire 59 months ago | reply

    This is lovely!

  6. omoo 38 months ago | reply

    So very beautiful. marvelous set!

  7. Posteriormente [deleted] 26 months ago | reply

    I think that soon this swimsuit will be fashionable again.

  8. jimoneilalaska (AKA: Jim O'Neil on ipernity) 26 months ago | reply

    Good on yer, O. Soba! & the Daily Mail even spelled your nihon last name right (Soba), I'm not sure how well they did on your other last name. :-)

  9. omoo 26 months ago | reply

    wonderful bathing beauty, splendid set! :)

  10. Okinawa Soba 26 months ago | reply

    I hope so !

    Yup, amazingly enough, they got 'em both right ~ !

    Thanks ! Glad ya like it ~ !

  11. DCI Photography 26 months ago | reply

    Good article in the UK press Rob.
    If that was published in our local newspaper, it would probably be presented as a scathing article about one man's obsession with photos of scantily clad young girls and be front page news.
    A few days later they would print a retraction and apology, usually about the size of a postage stamp and buried inside the paper somewhere.

  12. Okinawa Soba 26 months ago | reply

    Thanks, Mike. Fortunately, my collecting activities have not gotten me listed as pervert yet. Many of the comments under the MAIL's posting imply that my coloring of the photos is terrible, and ask why I didn't post the original b/w versions.

    I tried (three times) to leave a comment explaining that [except for repairs] the coloring is not mine, but that of the assembly line hand-colorists of over 100 years ago. I also explained about the ages of the "kids" in the photos. The MAIL's comment-receiving software would have none of my explanations, and my comment was never posted ~ !

    I will now go down in history as a mad man who destroys old photos with my imagined box of colored marking pens ~ !

  13. only1tanuki 23 months ago | reply

    Is this actually Yours?


    He says it's from his collection, but everything looks like a trimmed version of Yours.

  14. Okinawa Soba 23 months ago | reply

    Congratulations, Tanuki. You have just caught another "Bob Dylan" style plagerist / liar right here on Flickr.

    Yes, the scan he has posted, which he falsely claims to be "....an old tinted postcard from my collection...", was originally ripped from the above original and authentic posting by OKINAWA SOBA.

    I can rightly call his claim a FALSE one, as there is absolutely NO "old tinted postcard" in the entire world that matches my above post, as the image contains modern-day alterations.

    I find it somewhat amusing that, while the black border lines have been removed (and the image lightened up just a tad), all of my important in-the-image "watermarks" remain in place.

    Of course, how can a copy-cat know that this photo was visually tagged prior to my posting it, so that I could instantly --- at any time --- spot my own "handywork" from across the room ~ !

    Wo Hoo ~ ! ^_^

    Perhaps you can drop him a little note (and a link to my page), giving him a heads up that a Flickr member named OKINAWA SOBA has just (*cough*) "ripped off" his recent APRIL 4, 2013 posting of the pretty Swimsuit Girl, added black bars to it, then miraculously traveled back in time to 2008 --- almost 5 years ago --- and magically posted it as image number 27 in a large set of 50 ~ !

    Wow ! Even I didn't know how good a magician and a time-traveler I was... until now !!!

    Woo Hoo, again ~ !


    PS. Seriously, though, I have taken a screen-shot of his page, just in case his collection self-credit is changed or removed. You never know what Flickr Staff will ask for if the subject were to come up at the corporate level. This is not the first time such false appropriation has happened within Flickr membership ranks. Thanks again, Tanuki.

  15. Okinawa Soba 23 months ago | reply

    NOTE TO ALL : In reference to the above two comments, I feel it is necessary to re-state the following :

    The above swimsuit photo of the Geisha named Koman is COMPLETELY FREE TO RE-BLOG. You may USE IT AS YOU WISH to decorate your Website, put on a Coffee Mug, invert and re-color for your trading cards or arts and crafts, or illustrate your book, pamplet, postcard, or calendar...and ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT TO USE IT FOR. You don't even have to ask me. PERMISSION IS ALREADY GRANTED. HAVE FUN !!!


    (1) Flickr rules state that if you use it as an illustration or re-blogged item anywhere on the internet, you must make the photo linkable back to this Flickr page. That's not my rule. THAT'S FLICKr's RULE, and it's a fair one.

    (2) Don't be a horse's ass by ripping off photos from the world of Flickr, then re-posting them along with the total lie that they're from your own personal collection of original old photos.

  16. only1tanuki 23 months ago | reply

    I'm going to be honest and say that I was hoping that I was wrong... because I hate it when people do this kind of thing.

  17. Thompson Photography 23 months ago | reply

    When I raised the issue with 'The Nite Tripper', I quickly got blocked!

  18. Okinawa Soba 23 months ago | reply

    By way of reference there IS a posting on-line somewhere showing a copy of the postcard in an un-retouched state. I forget where I saw it, but it's out there somewhere. 100 or so years ago, multiple prints were made from the negative, hand-colored, and sold to tourists in Japan. The hand coloring makes them all detectably different.

    I'm sure other original prints of the same image have come up on eBay more than once over the years. I myself was out-bid about 5 years ago for a variant photo of her in the same bathing suit. She was lying on the floor (!) in the same studio. I think it went for over 100 Dollars, which I was not expecting.

    In any case, these postcards are still out there floating around, and still collectable. There is absolutely no reason for one Flickr member to post images from another members collection, while calling it their own.

  19. Okinawa Soba 23 months ago | reply

    Thompson -- Sorry to hear that. Of course, when someone has no rebuttal or defense for their unethical actions, slamming the door in your face is probably the only thing left in their bag of tricks.

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