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The world is shaped not like a pancake, but an orange. A lensbaby landscape vertorama

Finally after centuries of debate, i have the FIRST photographic proof that the earth isn't flat!


A little experiment with making vertoramas from warped lensbaby landscape shots, i quite like the results, even though it can be quite hard to look at with several areas of focus and blur. I'm always looking for something a bit different.


Did this on sunday at the peak of toothache pain, had to get out of the house and do something else other than count the minutes to the next dose of voltarol. Feeling much better now, i'm hoping the antibiotics are winning the battle.



Extract from the flat earth society website.

For centuries, mankind knew all there was to know about the shape of the Earth. It was a flat planet, shaped roughly like a circle, with lots of pointy things hanging down from the underside.


Then, in the year of our Lord fourteen-hundred and ninety-two, it all changed. For decades a small band of self-proclaimed "enlightened" individuals had been spouting their heretical nonsense that the Earth was in fact round. Citing "proof" based on nothing more than assumptions, half-truths and blind guesses, they dazzled the populace with their " . . . undeniable mathematical and scientific evidence . . . that the world is shaped not like a pancake, but an orange!"




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Taken on October 17, 2010