(2) La Chapelle - Paris (France)

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    Station La Chapelle is one of the open air stations of the Parisien métro system.

    Total length : 12,3 km (of which 2,2 km 'aérien')
    Number of stations: 25
    Date of opening: December 19, 1900
    Number of trains during rush hours: 39
    Number of departures a day: 344 (minimum interval 1m50)

    1. Stewart Leiwakabessy 111 months ago | reply

      I like the 1, 4, 5 and the 14 best! And, ofcourse, the 9!

    2. Sven Bosman 111 months ago | reply

      I like line 2 best, station blanche en Pigalle.

    3. Stewart Leiwakabessy 111 months ago | reply

      I am sure you do... I see a link:

      2 -> Twins -> Babies -> 2 ...

    4. Sven Bosman 111 months ago | reply

      Haha good thinking...
      But Blanche reminds me of Amelie the movie, and Pigalle is just a great station very old.

    5. Stewart Leiwakabessy 111 months ago | reply

      Amelie! I love that movie... Have you seen the latest w/ Audrey Tatou? Un Long Dimanche de Fiancialles... Zo mooi, fotografisch ook zeer sterk. En het verhaal, een plaatje gelijk!

    6. Sven Bosman 111 months ago | reply

      I'm sorry dear Flickr readers to much text in to little time so i switch to Dutch....

      Mayby if you're lucky StewieDewie translates it for you.. ;-)

      Ja zeker super film! Ons laatste bezoek aan Parijs hebben we een stadswandeling gekregen van iemand uit Parijs zelf die we viavia kende, en die was ook helemaal gek van Amelie! We hebben ook koffie gedronken in het beroemde café! en de plek bezocht van de groenteboer op de hoek in de textielbuurt.

    7. Stewart Leiwakabessy 111 months ago | reply

      "Yes, a super movie! Our last visit to Paris was a gift from someone in Paris we know, sortakinda, and he was smitten over Amelie! We also had coffee in the famous café (Café des 2 Moulins, red.) And we also visited the location where the real 'veggie store' (
      Au marche de la butte, red.
      ) is, on a corner of some fashion area .

    8. el Reino 108 months ago | reply

      Our cameras seem to think alike. I have one just like this taken one station away. I was visiting Paris last week and found the metro system particularly facinating. The stations are unique and the mood is nice. Not like the boring one line system here in Helsinki.
      Barbès Rochechouart - Paris (France)

    9. delpentax 65 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Hochbahn worldwide, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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