Horton River N.W.T., Canada 2016
Six of us completed a 23 night canoe, 395 mile trip on the Horton River in the Northwest Territories of Canada. Six of us planned and executed the trip. Saw 12 grizzlies, at least 80 caribou, one moose, only a few mosquitos, 15-20 beluga whales from an Arctic Ocean overlook, caught a few Arctic Grayling (fish) for dinner, did about 250,000 paddle strokes, saw the Smoking Hills, and finished about 1/4 mile from the Arctic Ocean. Had great weather and not so great weather. Temps ranged from mid 70s to low 40s. We had fun! It was a nice adventure with friends! And we didn't see any other people on the river! Only one human footprint other than ours. Saw lots of bear, wolf, and caribou footprints.
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