Twilight Vanity Fair Outtakes

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    1. poisonedxheart 66 months ago | reply

      Erin I love this photo! If I could be Bella in this omg. X-rated. haha. Rob looks hot.

    2. lesirc 66 months ago | reply

      This is wonderful! It could have been the movie poster!

    3. EmbrysWolf-Girl 66 months ago | reply

      they look like they were made for each other
      they just fit so perfectly together

    4. byboringbrick95 66 months ago | reply

      *GASP!* They look so beautiful together! And how close are they! You can tell in there eyes that theres feeling!! I really do hope they get together! It would be so cute!!!!!!!
      I get a thrill up my spine when I see photos like this! There meant to be together! OH! WOULDN'T IT BE COOL THEY GOT MARRIED!!!! AAAWWW!!! (even though i love Rob so much I ahve to conffess that they would be great together!)

    5. dmk_ayer 66 months ago | reply Soooooo sexy!

    6. Blonde_Bibliophile 66 months ago | reply

      Crap, they are both so freaking pretty.

      I want that ring she's wearing.

    7. L U C Y;♥ 65 months ago | reply

      this pictures so sweet!
      how beautiful are they?
      cant wait to see it! :D

    8. lulucullen22 65 months ago | reply

      HIS. HANDS. ARE. ON. HER. ASS! I wanna be her!

    9. kaylee0420 65 months ago | reply

      loving this, i want her haaair <3

    10. Gescol 65 months ago | reply

      i wannaa be her in that moment..
      theey are adorableee together!!!!!!!!!

    11. vegetarainvampire9 65 months ago | reply

      damn she is lucky
      his hand on her ass
      i would proudly let him touch my ass any day

    12. grafton_2003 65 months ago | reply

      perfect match please pretty please make a part 2, ill be waiting

    13. querés tu jardín 64 months ago | reply

      perfect match! love them both

    14. sonntagritchie 64 months ago | reply that bella??? wow... never seen her whithout the contacts, she is pretty...

    15. craftygirl763 62 months ago | reply


    16. pearlynsiew 61 months ago | reply

      Nice but... A little weird feeling D:
      His hands are on her butt. Her boobs are so near his lips O.o

    17. alyssagraves1122 60 months ago | reply

      cmon...this is x-rated slutty behavior cute picture what are his hands doing on her ass...BLEEEEEEEEECK!

    18. *Melinda* Toodles, Flickr<33333 [deleted] 59 months ago | reply

      wowwies...couple alert!!!

    19. Jonelle2 59 months ago | reply

      you guys look good together.

    20. i Love TAYLOR LAUNTER 54 months ago | reply

      you guys are so cute together

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