Sperry-Rand Remington Personal-Riter c1960's? "Babs"

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    A script machine with a really crisp touch, and very obvious kin to my Ten-Forty though likely built a bit later, as it sports dials for the tab set/clear and ribbon select, instead of the levers found on the other machine.

    S/N: FY 52 96 35


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    1. DIY Sara 69 months ago | reply

      omgosh i think i'm in love~! that blue is just..... sublime!

    2. greentea flute 69 months ago | reply

      really like the una-body construction

    3. jasonleeferrier 65 months ago | reply

      I just picked up one of these yesterday! Serial number CY 26 40 33.

      How did you date yours?

    4. mpclemens 65 months ago | reply

      Pure guessing. I know that Sperry-Rand started slapping their name on Remingtons around this period, and the styling looks 1960s to me, but I don't really know. The serial number is very different from online references. I'm basing it mostly on body style and Will's page:


    5. dconnelly78 54 months ago | reply

      I have this same one, it is beautiful! I love it.

    6. jazparade 46 months ago | reply

      i just picked up one of these at goodwill yesterday! cant wait to use it, but its in desperate need tune-up/repair...any tips or online guides youd recommend?

    7. mpclemens 46 months ago | reply

      I'd start with Richard Polt's page on basic cleaning and restoration:

      Unless there's a mechanical problem, cleaning will go a long way towards fixing issues like stuck keys and so on. Tune-up and repair is more complicated, since that means finding a typewriter shop. There are some places you can ship to, but that can also be costly. See what a cleaning does for it first (and consider removing the cover and giving the typewriter a bath.)

    8. rudybaga 36 months ago | reply

      I have one as well. I bought it new in 1967 or 68. It's serial number is: CY265247. The color is called "Mystic Blue". The typewriter was made in Holland. The case was made in "Western Germany." You could get it with either pica or elite keys. Pica is 10 characters per inch, Elite is 12. I have elite so the print/font is smaller.

    9. mpclemens 36 months ago | reply

      They also came in script -- that's what this machine is.

    10. greentea flute 36 months ago | reply

      this thread brings in so many aspects of typewriter history, to wit, I just learned that Remington typewriters were made by Torpedo in Germany until about 1964, so this may be a German design .... and I think I recall a teaching assistant, perhaps a professor at college saying, "If your typewriter has that handwriting font, just borrow someone else's typewriter, ...."

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