Stanford Cantor Museum
All of these objects are at the Cantor Museum in Palo Alto, California. I tried to stick to objects whose sculptors are no longer alive, but if you want me to pull these pictures, just let me know and I'll oblige. I went for a mummy mask that another flickr user had posted a picture of. Unfortunately, almost all of their Egyptian things were in storage to make room for their extensive collection of Rodin. I have come to the conclusion that I'm not a fan of Rodin aside from edging out the egyptian stuff, his sculpture is too chunky and bulgy for me to really enjoy. Not a fan of impressionism or expressionism or all of those isms in more modern art. Actually, having looked at the modern art today, I've come to the conclusion that the art may have been better before artists had the leisure to express themselves. :) Is that blasphemy?
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