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Sick Kevin | by AHLN
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Sick Kevin

Kevin was sick with a fever but still managed to work a bit today. He was so cold that we had to cover him up with ever single blanket and sleeping bag and scarf that we have in the apartment! I took a photo of him when he had a thermometer in his mouth (an old fashioned one too that cost 4 pesos) but the look of being unimpressed with me taking his photo was too overwhelming and not as adorable as this!

Later that evening we called a doctor to come to the house to give Kevin a check up (they do house calls here for everything, even to get your medication delivered after your doctor prescribes it to you). The doctor came and then instead of having the medicine delivered we went to the pharmacy a few blocks away to get the medicine. But then he needed an injection of penicillin too, so we had to go to the hospital across the street from the pharmacy to get the injection of the medicine we just bought. I have never laughed so hard while someone has been given a shot before. We walked into this beautiful old hospital, and of course the hospital rooms were small and not really as white and sterile looking as at home, but they were still nice. We were able to show enough foreigner confusion to have them let a nurse give us the shot (the pharmacy suggested that we act like confused foreigners because normally the hospital does not administer shots that were prescribed by outside doctors). Even though we could have had a nurse come to the house to inject the shot, we just thought it would be quicker to walk across the street, which it was ;)

We go into the room and an older female nurse comes in with the best attitude of "done this a million times", tells Kevin to unbutton his pants and lie down on his stomach, and she pulls down the back of his pants and underwear and then starts slapping his ass to make him relax right before she put in the needle... it was so funny!!


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Taken on July 17, 2008