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After drunken night at Chris' II_MMVI

Me with a hangover at Stirling train station on my way back to Edinburgh lol coffee and Zydol helped. :)

published on a French science website www.unisciences.com/societe/news/mystere_gueule_de_bois.p... in an article about hangovers lol, they gave me this caption aswell:

"Ce mal de crâne qui ne vous quitte pas, la bouche sèche, pas de doute c'est une bonne gueule de bois"

which translates as:

"This evil scull that does not leave you, dry mouth, no doubt it is a good hangover." awesome!


Also this Slovakian website, although I have no idea what it is all about noviny.joj.sk/z-domova/28-1-2009/clanok/takmer-400-ludi-p... lol


and noviny.joj.sk/z-domova/6-2-2009/clanok/okres-nitra-v-stra...


and... livewithoutconflict.com/stress-management/costs-stress/

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Taken on January 12, 2007