EdShow(Col Lawrence Wilkerson)

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  1. kris.moe 29 months ago | reply

    Can we handle this

  2. Real Marshalldoc 29 months ago | reply

    Wilkerson impressed me from the 1st day he stepped out from behind Colin Powell to speak truth to power about Iraq & other issues and he continues to do so now. The GOP has embraced the 'Southern Strategy' wholeheartedly and welcomed into its fold the unreconstructed racist 'Dixiecrats' who were too much for even Barry Goldwater to stomach.

    So, Right On! Larry.

  3. hopeman2013 29 months ago | reply

    For this man to make the statement that most of Republicans are racist is so beyond ridiculous. In today's world how can anyone even make any comments in public, or say anything outloud without the word police coming in and twisting it to mean something different that what is actually meant? If someone makes a comment, how about being innocent until proven guilty? Ask the person, what did you mean by that comment? Rather than stirring up the media and making a point that is non-existent in reality is the real crime. Shouldn't we completely outlaw any mention of race across the board? Wouldn't that solve everything? Just use the words "People" or "Person" or "Human" so we don't offend each other. We are all one race, the human race. We should not rush to assume someone is offended by being identified as any given culture or race, should we? "Uh, Mr. Sanunu, are you a racist? Do you have anything against blacks?" "No of course not, never even occurred to me that it would be taken that way." "Ok, thanks for making that clear." NEXT!

  4. labrearon 29 months ago | reply

    The truth in all its glory will set the captive free. Mr. Wilkerson you are a bastion of hope for this great country.

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