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The ultimate firearm for home protection.


The House Gun is the first firearm designed just for home protection.


Westminster, Colorado (November 20, 2006) - A sawed off shotgun makes the best possible home defense weapon. The shorter the barrel the wider the projectile spread pattern. A wide spread pattern gives you a better chance of hitting a armed intruder and stopping him from shooting you.


The problem is; sawed off shotguns are illegal. A shotgun barrel has to be eighteen inches long to be legal.


We have found a way to get the wide spread pattern of a sawed off shotgun without breaking the law. We manufacture a proprietary cone shaped eighteen inch barrel with a three inch round or oval opening for shotguns. It looks something like the old blunderbuss that pirates used. See attached picture.


In addition to less chance of missing, the projectiles will not travel as far or penetrate walls like other firearms and possibly kill or injure family members, neighbors etc.


There is the deterrent factor. Imagine starring down a three inch barrel. It is also the loudest shotgun ever made. Our barrel acts like a megaphone.


Most shotguns that people keep in their house for home protection are designed for hunting. The House Gun is a mini-cannon designed just for home and family protection..


For further information contact; Michael Darling;

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Uploaded on November 24, 2006