The ultimate firearm for home protection.


The House Gun is the first firearm designed just for home protection.


Westminster, Colorado (November 20, 2006) - A sawed off shotgun makes the best possible home defense weapon. The shorter the barrel the wider the projectile spread pattern. A wide spread pattern gives you a better chance of hitting a armed intruder and stopping him from shooting you.


The problem is; sawed off shotguns are illegal. A shotgun barrel has to be eighteen inches long to be legal.


We have found a way to get the wide spread pattern of a sawed off shotgun without breaking the law. We manufacture a proprietary cone shaped eighteen inch barrel with a three inch round or oval opening for shotguns. It looks something like the old blunderbuss that pirates used. See attached picture.


In addition to less chance of missing, the projectiles will not travel as far or penetrate walls like other firearms and possibly kill or injure family members, neighbors etc.


There is the deterrent factor. Imagine starring down a three inch barrel. It is also the loudest shotgun ever made. Our barrel acts like a megaphone.


Most shotguns that people keep in their house for home protection are designed for hunting. The House Gun is a mini-cannon designed just for home and family protection..


For further information contact; Michael Darling;

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  • Gomez Addams 9y

    I love it. I'm emailing you now.
  • launch_pad_mcduck2003 9y

    Sorry guys, this ain't me. I just figured the guy had something worth everyone seeing. So posted the picture with his official story about it. No ripping off from me!

    Oh, be sure to use hearing protection! No joke. Even if you miss the bad guy his ears will be bleeding. Expect to see this in Guinnes.
  • rtd4gotn 5y

    if you feel the need for a spread that big, SELL ALL YOUR GUNS YOU DON'T NEED 1 IN THE 1ST PLACE, YOUR PUTTING U AND YOUR FAMILY AT RISK IF UR THAT BAD OF A SHOT, get a 4 in blade you'll stand a better chance
  • Silveressa 4y

    Posing with ones finger on the trigger is the mark of a true armature, or one who is dangerously negligent, take your pick.
  • Old Town Drafting PRO 3y

    What do the guys at the range say when you pull this out?
  • MikeWilliamson 3y

    Blunderbusses were flared for easy muzzle loading, not to spread. This will simply reduce power.
  • launch_pad_mcduck2003 2y

    Silveressa did yah read the post? The guy who put it up ain't da guy in da photo. Making comments without reading what the owner puts in make you a troll.
  • launch_pad_mcduck2003 2y

    MikeWilliamson Dude, i'll take THAT bet- how much money you willing to put forth? Have you EVER fired a real shotgun in your life? Do you know what a shotgun choke IS and what its function IS? Heck have you EVER used a garden hose? and as to reduce power . . . . are you kidding me? and WHERE did that GO? Ever hear of conservation of momentum? Did it turn into MATTER???? Did the speed of light change??? (E=Mc^2 ??????) you have got to be kidding me!!!! THE ONLY way you could POSSIBLY make this arguement correct is to add "divided by the sq area of the shot pattern" which coincidently goes DIRECTLY against your first statement. Go back to you comic books and drunkfests- obvioulsy you don't know jack about firearms or physics.
  • launch_pad_mcduck2003 2y

    rtd4gotn so tell me Mr Expert just what the difference at an indoor range (FBI says no more than 21 feet) does a FULL CYLINDER CHOKE vs say a MODIFIED choke make in shot spread? i/e what is the AVERAGE pattern diam and difference between both? pick the shot of your choice- how about 7. if you know jack squat about shotguns you will also know why that is a perfect sized shot for INDOOR home defence (2 legged deer sized targets) and a very poor choice for those same targets OUTSIDE and at longer RANGES (ohoh i gave you a clue) where a #4 or bigger (pellets get LARGER with smaller numbers!!) is preferred outdoors? and here is another clue:" what is the energy PER pellet of a #7? can it even penetrate 1 layer of drywall? now look at your answer up above for the diameters of choke patterns. . . .what is the result on both sheets of drywall typically making up a residence in the US these days coming out of your normally choked gun??? Also- as i said the weapon in questino is NOT mine. I wouldn't trust someone with your trolling tendancy and lack of any real knowledge about firearms with a plastic knife under adult supervision. now back to your bridge troll. wahahahaha
  • launch_pad_mcduck2003 2y

    Old Town Drafting actually sir- that is not mine.
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