• theoretical background & nearby subjects
  • tableaux methods & translating LTL to Büchi automata
  • emptiness checks
  • ω-automata
  • partial orders
  • fairness
  • hierachies/classes of temporal logics
  • counterexamples generation
  • General overviews, surveys, or tutorials.
  • Thesis or book chapters too big to fit in folders.
  • 28cm = 11in


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The computer science lab I work in is being relocated to another place in Paris. So while movers are having fun with our 13-storey building, I carried my paper collection home so I could work. This pile is almost everything I have to cite in my thesis. It's rather daunting, especially if you know that I printed most papers in a "two pages per side" layout to save paper. Fortunately it's already mostly sorted, annotated, and indexed.

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  1. dmswart ages ago | reply

    (to the tune of hakuna matata)
    ω-automata: what a wonderful phrase.
    ω-automata: ain't no passing phase.

    I did my masters in theoretical computer science too (With Jeff Shallit). Sometimes I miss it.

    My Erdos number is two - so that's nice.

  2. World_Citizen ages ago | reply

    I thought that one of the most important impact of computer science would have been to save paper... and trees... and planet warming !

  3. gadl ages ago | reply

    @Dave: if you like singing math, you probably know about The Klein Four Group? I bought their CD a couple of months ago (unfortunately the 2-page booklet does not include the lyrics, so it's a bit hard for me to get every pun).

    Good for you to have such a small Erdos number, it's half of the requirements to get your Nobel price :)

    @papa: Maybe in a few years we'll have user interfaces that are as easy to use as paper, but right now they aren't. I want to be able to lay out several pages in front of me, annotate them in all sort of ways, mark some pages dog-eared, etc.

    I also have the equivalent stack of papers into my computer. I only use it when I'm searching for something, or when my printed version is out of reach.

  4. dmswart ages ago | reply

    Checked out the Klein four group - definately will look into them more.

    @world citizen - I'm not sure many people would agree that less paper consumption is "the most important impact of computer science" because
    a) the sheer magnitude of other impacts computer science has had a hand in.
    b) the paper consumption is likely up not down.

  5. Manυ ages ago | reply

    I checked the group too, very funny! gadl, you can actually get the lyrics on their website.

    @dave: "On April 20, 2004 Bill Tozier, a researcher with Erdős number 4, offered the chance for collaboration to attain an Erdős number 5 in an auction on eBay. The final bid was $1,031" (Wikipedia). If you don't win the Nobel prize, at least you can earn some money... :)

  6. Hatchibombotar ages ago | reply

    Thanks for putting a CC license on this photo. I used it to illustrate a blog post about bibliographic software.

  7. andrew.kaufman ages ago | reply


    I work for a website called Mahalo, and I used your photo on a page I worked on called "How to Cite":


    Thank you for a great photo! I really appreciate it.


  8. johnlamb ages ago | reply

    Thanks for publishing your photo with a Creative Commons license! I used it in the following post and gave you credit here:


  9. susanej05 120 months ago | reply

    Nice photo! I've included it (with attribution at the bottom) in a blog post. Thanks!

  10. 2Pan2change 120 months ago | reply

    Thank you so much for publishing with a CC. I too, used your photo in a post for a woman's writing group:


    Perhaps the photo of your thesis is just as popular as the thesis?

  11. Savio Sebastian 107 months ago | reply

    wow! great picture! really nice!

  12. zinegrrl 105 months ago | reply

    D'oh! Spotted this while reading "planning ahead" and had to click through. HOpe your thesis writing went well!

  13. HollyJalopy 62 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the photo! We're using it today in our homepage slider: community.spiceworks.com/

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