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I can feel you're thirsty | by gadl
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I can feel you're thirsty

First try with clones of me. Unfortunately my hand moved on the top of the bottle during the 1" exposure.


The chessboard displays a position I'd like to hear more about. Maybe some folks in the chess groups can enlighten me.


A friend of mine likes to play King gambit as white, but as I find it too complicated I usually decline it and play the Falkbeer counter-gambit instead.

1. e4 e5

2. f4 d5

3. exd5 e4

Books usually explore 4. d3... from here, but our games invariably go on with

4. Bb5+ c6

5. dxc6 Nxc6

6. d3 Nf6


While filling in tags for this picture, I've found that this is called the "Nimzovich variation". That's great because I can probably google some useful information from this name. Playing Bb5 before d3 for white looks so natural that I have been wondering why none of the two (small) books I consulted discuss this line: they focus on 4. d3 instead. Another interesting fact is that when running crafty in analysis mode, it first thinks 4. Bb5+ c6 5. dxc6 Nxc6 is best, but after some time, when reaching depth 12 or something like that, it drops this line and eventually switches to 4. d3. Of course I'd love to understand what's wrong with the other, since I'm playing this as black.


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Taken on October 3, 2006