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Me fascina siempre ver apariencia de luz donde no hay mas que un reflejo de otra luz, de la verdadera luz.


Hay muchos refranes sobre el particular:

No es oro todo lo que reluce

Las apariencias engañan

Aunque la mona se vista de seda mona se queda.


La pregunta es si realmente existe la verdadera luz, o si todo lo que vemos no es reflejo de algo que no conocemos.

O quizá todavía estamos en la caverna de Platon


I always get fascinated by anything showing some light, where just the reflection of a true light can be seen.


There are lots of popular phrases in spanish and I suppose in all languages refering to that:

All that litters is not gold

The appearence will cheat you

Even if the female monkey will dress in silk, it remains a monkey

And so on.


The question is, does it exist a real true light, or everything we can see is just the reflection of something unknown?

May be we are still in Platoons cavern.

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Taken on July 7, 2010