Thanks Geek Squad!

Installing those 360 games can be a pain.

  • aarchel822 7y

    I saw one of those stickers on some Wii games the other day. I had a good giggle at those too.
  • keseldude 7y

    Srs Bsns
  • David McCormick 7y

    Come on. You all know you want a job that allows you to go to a person's house to install (aka play) a game. Plus it would explain why there is only 2 lines open at all times there. The rest of the staff is at Bob's house playing games.
  • mbxreddragon 7y

    I actually work at a best buy, though not geek squad. They put these stickers on the security traps...not the actual game itself. The security traps are used for a number of different things throughout the store, one of them being ram. And it's just too much of a pain in the ass to take those off but if someone actually was looking for someone to install the game for them we'd be honest and not attempt to trick them. This at least goes for the best buy that I work at which is not like any of the other best buys that you hear all this bad shit about.
  • Johnny 7y

    @ Puyodead: I am with you - the real topic should be not whether they reuse cases but if they would allow you to pay for this.


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  • Brian Behrend 7y

    Carlos is correct, they reuse the same security cases over and over again.
  • Juneit 7y

    Let the hard technitian do his work...
  • Enisity 7y

    "ok Sir so this is the game you would like to install in to your xbox360, alrighty just give me a few moments andw e should have her up and running. Alright umm sir do you happen to have a pair of scissors or cutting utensil the one in my pocket protector doesnt seem to be working. O why thx you very much. Alright we got her open. Those are very hard to get open. Alright let me pop this sucker in and allow it to install it self. seems to be working just give it a few more mins *plays with laptop acting like he is doing something. Alright sir it think its done."

    *time taken= 5 mins

    Time to unrap game=4:30 mins

    Time to "install"=30

    Money waisted= Priceless
  • BluewaterAWD 7y

    Man, You guys enjoy shooting first, asking questions. I'm sure it's a reusable box, but still humorous.

    One quick note though, If your going to be critical, at least learn how to spell correctly....
  • tommydgounc2k5 7y

    I actually think this is a great idea...there have been a lot of times where I was playing my 360 and then wanted to play a different game, but didn't want to get up from the couch to put the other game in. If I had the Geek Squad guy there all the time just waiting to "install" the new game, it'd completely eliminate that problem. Sign me up, BB.
  • josh_meredith 7y

    There's a good chance that a Best Buy employee put that sticker there as a joke.
  • neoxdonut 7y

    Because we all know that it's a pain in the ass to get up press the eject button on the 360 to open the disk tray place the disk in and then press the eject button again to close,

    and don't get me started on what to do when you get to the xbox 360 dash board. O_ O
  • orion_blastar 7y

    I heard for $35 Geek Squad can wipe your butt after using the bathroom, too! No seriously they also program VCRs so they don't flash "12:00" all of the time as well. Some people are actually that stupid that they need a Geek Squad member to do simple stuff for them. Like set up a Macintosh or plug in a toaster.
  • Stephen Matthews 7y

    OK OK OK - after three >>> one - two - three...

    Breath in >> breath out ( repeat until death )

    Set your own comfortable pace and remember to temporarily stop when you are under water without breathing equipment.
  • Chris Wilcox 7y

    Actually, I think that sticker was meant for the PS3 version. -.-
  • bisquickgod 7y

    In reality that sticker is there because best buy reuses the same plastic cases for everything. Likely before Bioshock there was some kind of software in there. Possibly a RAM chip.
  • saiho00 7y

    Almost a slap to American intelligence. Love it! The fact that they put it there is too strange, almost as strange as this
  • Ankit Patel 7y

  • Damien 7y

    @Josh: yes, it is very likely... we too have a sense of humor, you know.
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Taken on February 23, 2008



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