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I have a large collection of UK railway photos, having been taking them since about 1956, though very few of the really early ones are in here due to their quality (or lack of).

To help you find what your looking for I've first of all split them into Steam Diesel & Electric, then again into classes, for Diesel & Electric or company & wheel arrangment for steam. Other sets are for signalboxes and infastructure, and anything else that takes my fancy.

I hope you enjoy looking at them and please feel free to comment on them, even if critically, if I don't get comments then there's no point in posting them.

When I first started to put my pictures on flickr I only showed the good ones, but after a couple of years some of the not too perfect ones have arrived if I think the subject justifys it.

If anyone wants to use any of my photos in books or a private collection, please ask first as I very rarely refuse.


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