Dunford East

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    E26022 passing Dunford East with 6Z51 0920 Broughton Lane to Ditton 20th November 1970.

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    Colour Slide scan
    Agfa 35mm 64ASA
    Camera Yashica Electro 35mm.

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    1. 'Ade' ages ago | reply

      Moody conditions - very nice. I guess that's the BOC train - is the first vehicle a barrier wagon?

    2. cabsaab900 ages ago | reply

      It's a barrier wagon at the front, it had another one at the rear. This was a special train it only had about 6 tanks on and one loco, the normal train was always double headed with 10 tanks. Something has gone wrong at Broughton Lane I can't remember what but they ran a half train.

    3. 'Ade' ages ago | reply

      In later years the BOC train ran without barrier wagons though. Did someone decide that the goods were less hazardous than originally thought or was it carrying a different product?

    4. Mystery Singer ages ago | reply

      This is a lovely atmospheric shot. And typical weather ?

    5. Mystery Singer ages ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called British Rail Class 76 & 77, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    6. cabsaab900 ages ago | reply

      I didn't want to swamp your Class 76 & 77 Group with my photos, as obviously I have quite a few with having worked on the line.

    7. Mystery Singer ages ago | reply

      Thanks for posting. Please swamp - I love your photos. Would also be pleased to read about your experiences of working on the line and photographing the trains.

    8. cabsaab900 ages ago | reply

      Thanks for the comments, I've posted some more.

    9. Stuart Daniels ages ago | reply

      Ade - BOC and other chemical/oil trains had to have a barrier wagon due to the regulations of the time. The requirement was later removed as the relative light weight of the barriers against the loaded wagons was thought to be the cause of a few derailments.

    10. 'Ade' ages ago | reply

      Aha, thanks.

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